​The Zlotowski Neuroscience Center awards graduate students and postdocs with $500 travel grants to present their research in international conferences and workshops in the field of neuroscience. 

Students of members of the center may receive at most one travel grant per year. Each supervisor may receive up to 4 travel awards for his/her students and postdocs per an academic year.

Students of member of the Zlot​owski Center, who are registered in the mailing list of the Center, may submit travel requests for a quarter until the 15 of the month previous to that quarter. The submittal dates are therefore: Sep. 15, Dec. 15, Mar. 15 and Jun 15.  A committee will evaluate the requests and notify the students about the decision within 2 weeks after these deadlines.

Criteria for acceptance are:

▪ Scientific merit of the research.

▪ The status of the conference or workshop in the neuroscience community.

▪ Participation of the applicant and the supervisor in the activities of the Center (such as seminars, retreat, Center committees).

▪ For conferences: importance of the research to the field of neuroscience.

▪ For workshops: expected value for the future neuroscience research of the applicant.


Students who wish to apply for a travel grant should submit the following documents to neurosci@bgu.ac.il:

▪ The request form (see below).

▪ A recommendation letter of the student supervisor.

▪ For a conference: The abstract submitted by the student. A travel grant may be accepted even if the abstract has not been accepted yet, pending on its acceptance before payment.

▪ For a workshop: the acceptance letter of the student.


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