​​​​Neurobiology of Diseases

Mechanisms leading to the onset and progression of devastating diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, ALS and epilepsy are explored at the molecular, cellular and network levels. 

We combine biochemistry, molecular biology and electrophysiology and use in vitro, in vivo models and computational techniques to investigate the mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of these neurological disorders. 

Our long term aim is to identify new candidate agents that will be the basis to develop new drugs for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders by slowing or stopping their progression.

BGU has a strong neurorehabilitation community including the NeuroRehabilitation labs Cluster at the Faculty of Health Sciences. 

We lead the pioneering BGU Translational NeuroRehabilitation Clinic in Aleh Negev Rehabilitation Hospital located in the South of Israel.



BGU is home to the National Autism Knowledge Center​ of Israel. 

Approximately 25 researchers and physicians study autism in an inter-disciplinary manner at the center with the goal of understanding the underlying biology and neurophysiology of the disorder. 

This understanding is utilized for testing new therapies and technological aids at the center. ​​

Neurobiology of Diseases and Rehabilitation Researchers

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