​​Neuroscience is a relatively young discipline and in recent years is one of the most rapidly developing scientific fields: 

Many believe that Neuroscience is now poised to solve some of humankind's most challenging problems: the understanding of how the human brain operates, as well as the malfunctions that occur in neurological and psychiatric diseases. ​

Neuroscience was one of the first scientific disciplines to recognize the need for interdisciplinary collaborations to solve complex problems, and many of the field's achievements are the result of the collaborative work of researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds. In many of the highest ranking universities, this interdisciplinary approach has been translated into inter-departmental neuroscience research and training programs. 

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has established School of Brain sciences and Cognition​, with the participation of the faculties of humanities and social sciences, engineering, natural sciences and health sciences. 

The School of Brain sciences and Cognition develops and promotes educational programs in the cognitive and brain sciences and related disciplines, while coordinating the collaboration between academic departments from the four faculties.

Programs in Brain and Cognitive Sciences