Jul. 08, 2021

The 18th European Conference on Multi-Agent Systems (EUMAS 2021) was held over the internet on June 28 & 29, 2021, following the tradition of previous editions, held yearly since 2003. The conference aims to encourage and support activity in the research and development of multi- agent systems, in academic and industrial effort. It aspires to be the primary European forum for researchers interested in the theory and practice of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems and enables researchers to meet, present challenges, preliminary and mature research results in an open environment.

This year, the review process was extremely selective. Out of the 53 submissions, the program committee accepted 16 papers (Acceptance Rate of ~30%). Nearly all papers have been reviewed by at least 3 reviews (with some as many as 5 reviews since additional reviews were sometimes solicited after the initial ones came in). The paper submitted by Barak Steindl and Prof. Meirav Zehavi won the best paper award.

In their research, Barak Steindl and Meirav Zehavi extended the assignment problem to the setting in which each agent is equipped with multiple incomplete preference lists. They considered different notions of optimality extending the classic notion of pareto optimality, and they studied different variants of multi-layered assignment problems from the perspective of parameterized complexity. The research provided an almost comprehensive picture of the parameterized complexity of the problems with respect to a variety of natural parameters. The results included several parameterized algorithms and kernels for the problems, hardness results, and lower bounds on running times of algorithms. The research pioneered the study of this generalization, opening the door to a variety of directions and ideas for future research.

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