​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As a student in this program, you will enjoy a variety of courses, which will enable you to experience hands-on learning both in class and through field trips. BGU offers a vibrant campus life in Beer Sheva, a diverse, convenient, and friendly student-oriented city. With Israeli students, international students from countries all around the world, helpful staff, and trips throughout Israel– a significant experience is awaiting you.

The program is geared towards college/university students pursuing their bachelor's or master's degree. We also cater to high school graduates who are interested in a gap year experience.

Application deadlines:

Fall / Full Year – May 15th
Spring – November 15th

Online Application Form »

Program dates:

​Orientation will be held before each semester. You will receive a specific notification.  

2021 Fall
October 17, 2021 - February 22, 2022, including exam period

2022 Spring
February 27, 2022 - July 14, 2022, including exam period

Program of study:

​Dive deeper into your current area of study or explore a new field by joining the Semester/Year Program. Create your own program of study by mixing and matching courses from our comprehensive general catalog. Students in their third or fourth year of undergraduate studies may also attend graduate courses in English.

List of courses » 

A wide range of volunteer opportunities is available to students registered in the Semester/Year Programs. Students are welcome to join the pre-semester intensive Hebrew language course​ and continue their Hebrew studies throughout the semester.

» Explore Israel via trips throughout the country - Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, hikes in the Negev desert and in the north.

» Get to know Israelis - enjoy local cultural events, pub nights with the local crowd, discover Israelis' point of view on current affairs, and have the opportunity to celebrate holidays the Israeli way.

»​ Immerse yourself in BGU's social life - join the Student Union's festivities and events and experience the unique BGU social life.

»​ ​Become close with the diverse international community - get to know people from all over the world, and make meaningful connections that can last for a lifetime.

Tuitions and Fees:

Application Fee:  $60
Late Application Fee:  $100

Semester Program*: 

Base Tuition:  $7200 

On-Campus Housing: 

$450 per month (or part of a month)

Year Program*: 

Base Tuition:  $11200 
On-Campus Housing:$450 per month (or part of a month)

* Tuition Fees for all Semester or Year-Long Programs include weekly social activities, academic field trips, trips around Israel, access to the university sports center & health insurance


Merit-Based competitive scholarships are offered for the Semester\Year programs.

Grants are also available through Masa Israel Journey (a joint project of the Israeli Government and the Jewish Agency for Israel), for those who are eligible. To find out more and to apply, please visit Masa Israel.

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