The Israeli Center for Qualitative Research of People and Societies holds advanced study workshops on a number of specific topics throughout the year.  The workshops are advertised through the Center's mailing list.  In addition, institutions or groups can arrange a workshop specifically tailored to their needs.  To request or coordinate a workshop, please send an email to the address

  • Qualitative Data Analysis Program Atlas.ti

  • The Atlas.ti seminars aim to give practical training for using this qualitative data analysis program for beginners and intermediate users.  The beginner-level workshop includes an initial familiarization with the program and an introductory lecture, practice with preliminary coding and analysis (the textual stage), as well as practice with building conceptual networks (the conceptual stage). The Center is the Atlas.ti reseller in Israel. 

    The new version (7.0) of Atlas.ti has just recently come out.

  • Qualitative Academic Writing (in English) 

    The workshop for academic qualitative writing in English led by Dr Olga kuminova and Dr. Maya Lavie-Ajayi. The purposes of the workshop are, first of all, to help the participants achieve a more self-conscious, active and aware attitude to the writing of qualitative studies for publication. Secondly, we will work to crystallize, systematize and polish your technical skills in writing in English. Finally, the intensive four days of workshop and subsequent follow-up sessions, all conducted in English, with plenty of opportunity to talk and write, provide a chance to boost your English. 

  • Biographical-Narrative Intreviewing and Analysis (Prof. Gabriele Rosenthal) 

    The seminar is focused on a practical training in the techniques of bio­graphical narrative interviewing in the research context of Sociology, Psychology, Social Work and Social History, Educational Sciences and Anthropology. The seminar is led by Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rosenthal and Dr. Nicole Witte, University of Goettingen, Germany. Intreviewing workshop was held on October 2009. The nex intreviewing and analysis workshop will be held on March 2010. additional information