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  • ודקאסט 'מחקר אחד' בכל פרק חברי צוות המרכז ​למחקר איכותני משוחחים עם חוקרים על מחקר ייחודי שלהם ועל היבטים מתודולוגיים מקוריים במחקר. בפרק הראשון, הגב' רלי מזרחי משוחחת עם ד"ר כלנית צאלח על מחקר המבוסס על אוטואתנוגרפיה שבו היא עוסקת בסוגייה של להיות אישה מזרחית באקדמיה | טכנאי ועורך: ד"ר בוזי רביב

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  • Qualitative Data Analysis Program Atlas.ti

  • The Atlas.ti seminars aim to give practical training for using this qualitative data analysis program for beginners and intermediate users.  The beginner-level workshop includes an initial familiarization with the program and an introductory lecture, practice with preliminary coding and analysis (the textual stage), as well as practice with building conceptual networks (the conceptual stage). The Center is the Atlas.ti reseller in Israel. 


  • Course for PhD students: Qualitative Research – Epistemology and Methodology

    This course will introduce participants to the theoretical and epistemological basis of qualitative research and the various approaches to designing and conducting qualitative research. This is an interdisciplinary course that will offer students the opportunity to meet with qualitative researchers from different research spheres and to learn about contemporary examples in their areas of specialism.

    Course Objectives:

    1. To familiarize oneself with various qualitative research approaches(,) including narrative inquiry, mixed methods and emancipator methodologies;

    2. To understand Textual and Cultural texts analysis;

    3. To learn about and practice key data collection and data analysis methods;

    4. To understand issues relating to qualitative research design, such as choosing a research subject, designing a research question (and), selecting the research population;

    5. To familiarize oneself with qualitative writing and with ethical questions in qualitative research.

    The course is open to all PhD students in the humanities and social science faculty who are using qualitative research.

    The course will be delivered by leading qualitative researchers. The course includes 9 full days (6 academic hours each). Each day will focus on one topic and will include a theoretical and experiential learning.  

  • Qualitative Research Doctoral Student Forum

    Following the success of last year, the Israeli Center for Qualitative Research of People and Societies together with the Association for Research of the Multi-Dimensional Person is happy to announce the second year of the qualitative research doctoral student forum. The forum is a series of educational and experiential meetings, created for and geared specifically toward doctoral students from all universities throughout Israel who use the qualitative approach. During the meetings young scholars have the opportunity to discuss and explore key issues in qualitative research as presented by leading qualitative researchers.