Graduates of the Department are employed in a variety of areas in the Israeli high-tech industry, companies of mapping and surveying, urban planning and architecture, government ministries, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local and regional authorities, homeland security offices and the ministry of education. Among the graduates one can find planners, environmental consultants, remote sensing and geographic information systems operators and programmers as well as project managers, teachers and lecturers, researchers and others.

Every semester, starting Fall 2015, we will add to this site four new graduates of the Department with a short summary of their professional activities. The aim of this project is to reflect employment opportunities to geographers, and to strengthen the ties between the Department, its on-going students and the Alumni Association. These summaries are also printed and posted on a board in the department hall.
This project is part of a process of renewal and strengthening the Alumni Association of the Department.  The purpose of the Alumni Association to accompany the Department students in their professional life after graduating, and expose them to academic activities of the Department as a mean to advance their career.

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Royee Shilo
VP Intelescope Solutions
Image Processing Company
Udi Galili
Water Authority
Idan Haus
Information and Knowledge Manager
Planning Division, Tel Aviv – Yafo Municipality
Yossi Surugan
Director of Planning
Kishon River Authority