Name: Jonathan B. Laronne
Status: Professor Emeritus
Email: john@bgu.ac.il​​
Building: Office: Building 72, Room 202
Phone: +972-8-6472016
Mobile: +972-528-795801
Web dept: https://in.bgu.ac.il/en/humsos/geog/pages/staff/john.aspx
Research website: https://in.bgu.ac.il/en/humsos/fluv/Pages/GeoFluv-Home.aspx
Research Colleague: Ian Reid​

Research Interests:
​​​​-   Fluvial geomorphology
- sediment transport: Bedload and suspended sediment dynamics
-   bedload monitoring surrogates: seismometers, geophones, and hydrophones
- sediment yield from natural and disturbed landscapes
- flash floods and dryland flood hydrology
- flood water discharge estimation based on radar and large scale particle image
velocimetry -LSPIV​
- water quality​​




    Post-Doctorate Researcher


Name: Suresh Kumar Thappeta

Current Position: Post-doctoral researcher, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.

Current Research Work: Analysis of turbulence characteristics and bedload in flash flood bores


  • Ph.D. Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India, 2019.
  • M.Tech. Water Resources Engineering and Management, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India, 2012.
  • B.Tech. Civil Engineering, SV University, Tirupathi, India, 2009.

Professional Experience:

Post-doctoral Researcher:  ICWaR, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, 2019.

Research Interests:

  • Experimental Hydraulics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Field Studies in Mountain Streams​

Current Students

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Degrees: B.Sc. Geology, College of William and Mary
Phone: (+01) 540 333 4874
Research Interest:
My main focus is bedload and suspended sediment transport in desert ephemeral streams of New Mexico, USA. Desert ephemeral streams are unique because of the flashy nature of flooding and high bed and suspended loads compared to other rivers worldwide. They are flood-driven and only flow after the occurrence of high intensity rainfall. Because of their variability, it is difficult to accurately measure the discharge of sediment. I use a variety of instruments, including acoustic hydrophones, seismometers and slot samplers for bedload, turbidity for suspended concentration, 3-D ECM and ADV for turbulence as well as SVR and LSPIV for velocimetry and other remote sampling equipment to measure these highly unpredictable flows.

Name: Ron Nativ
B.Sc.  Earth & En​vironmental Sciences, BGU , M.Sc. Earth & Environmental Sciences, BGU.  

Thesi​​​​​​​​​​​​s Title:                                                                                               

My PhD is jointly undertaken at BGU and the University of Potsdam co-supervised by Niels Hovius, Jens Turowski and Liran Goren.

Niels HoviusJens TurowskiLiran Goren​ 

Research interest:                                                                           

I am interested in fluvial processes that shape the morphology of bedrock rivers in mountainous, climate- and tectonically-driven landscapes. Particularly, I use laboratory experiments, theoretical models, high-resolution topographic data and environmental seismology to study the role of extremely large boulders on channel geometry and on bedload flux in bedrock canyons in the Liwu River, Taiwan. I am also interested in fluvial incision and in a recent project we examined the source and mechanism for the 'Sadler effect' - the phenomenon describing the fact that bedrock incision rates typically scale negatively with the time scale of the measurement.


Name: Loc Luong
Degrees: B.Sc. & M.Sc Petroleum Engineering
Email: loc.luong@student.nmt.edu


Research intrest:
My current research is related to computational hydrology modeling, numerical and inversion methods.

My main focus in my PhD is developing a new physics-based model to quantify bedload transportation in ephemeral channels using surrogate monitoring methods including a combination of different instruments.

Name: Sandra Glasgo
Degrees: B.A Geology & B.A Anthropology, Western Washington University
Email: sandra.glasgo@student.nmt.edu

Prof. Daniel Cadol, Kate Leary

Research intrest:
My research is on the flow connectivity of ephemeral channels in the New Mexico desert with a focus on how different lithologies in the watershed affect the rainfall-runoff relationship. I have several instruments that measure water depth and rainfall throughout the Arroyo de los Pinos watershed. These instruments, along with radar backscatter data, allow me to better understand how the network connects across a range of rainfall intensities, magnitudes, spatial distributions, and storm track. The interaction of these factors are expected to control water and sediment delivery to the watershed outlet. Knowledge of the size and lithologies of the tributaries and sub-basins combined with the rainfall-runoff data collected during monsoon seasons will enable quantification of connectivity across various scales.

Name: Amit Kallush
Degrees: B.Sc. Geology, BGU.
Email: amitkall@post.bgu.ac.il


Research intrest:
Floods Characterization and Hydrological modeling in Tze'elim Basin.

Name: Tom Kaholi
Degrees: B.Sc. Geology, BGU
Email: tomkah@post.bgu.ac.il


Research intrest:
In arid regions, such as Israel, surface hydrology is characterized by flash floods which are usually intensive, rapid and responsible for the most fluvio-morphological changes. The Israel Hydrological Service (IHS) is the responsible authority for monitoring, calculating and publishing of stream flow data. Water discharge (Q) is one of the key parameters needed for characterized and understanding the dynamics of the stream environment. The IHS’s estimation for discharge is based mainly on hydrological models. These models, such as Manning, have a significant inaccuracy derives primarily from the velocity component and the difficulty in accurately determining the roughness coefficient. Our research objective is to improve both the accuracy of discharge estimation and the ability to monitor flash floods. For this reason, we will measure the stream flow velocity by remote sensing method named LSPIV. This method is based on photograph recording and determining the displacement of natural objects in the flow. The research is empirical and will be conducted in the Negev.

Name: Noami Kahane

Degrees: B.Civ. Eng. Water Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

Co-advisor: Liran Goren  

Research interest:

Dead Sea water is supplied by a canal to the Dead Sea Works evaporation ponds located in the southern Dead Sea. As a result of the continuous Dead Sea level decline, a new pumping station (P9) was constructed at the northern edge of the Ze'elim alluvial fan. Seven spillway bridges were constructed over the canal to allow flood waters to cross it toward the Dead Sea, thereby allowing continued ecological and physical activities in the fan.

My research examines the response of the braided Ze'elim pattern upstream of the canal and the extent of its incision below the spillway bridges constructed over the canal on development of the alluvial fan. Additionally, it specifically aims to build a monitoring and maintenance program for the canal and the spillway bridges.


Name:Eran Halfi
Status:  M.Sc. student in Environmental Engineering with  thesis (interdisciplinary research with Dept.Geogr. & Environ. Development)​
Advisors:  Prof. Jonathan Laronne, Prof. David Katoshevski
Email:​ eranhalfi@gmail.com​ 
Office:    +972-8-6428400
Mobil phone:   +972-50-4211418


Technical Staff
Lab Technician:

Name: Yehoshua Ratzon

Status: Lab Technician

Office: Building 72, room 238

Phone: +972-8-6472026

Email: ratzony@bgu.ac.il​


Name: Oron Moshe Guy
Status: IT Technician
Office: Building 72, room 252
Phone: +972-8-6472014


Research Assistants (undergraduate Students):

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e: Tali Motzkin
Status: Research Assistant
Degree: Bachelor student, 3rd year, Geography, BGU ​
Email: motzkina@post.bgu.ac.il
Phone: 972-545458687



e: Gal Wolfson
Status: Research Assistant
Degree: Bachelor student, 3rd year, Geography, BGU
Email: galwolf@post.bgu.ac.il
Phone: 972-545664758