​​Name: Jonathan Laronne
Status: Professor
Email: john@bgu.ac.il​​
Building: Office 72, Room 239
Phone: +972-8-6472016

Research Interests:
Fluvial morphology
-  Sediment transport: Bedload and suspended sediment              dynamics.



-  use of geophones and hydrophones for bedload            monitoring in large and small mountain rivers.


-  Surface velocity of floods by radar.​
-  Sediment yield from natural and disturbed landscapes.
-  Flash flood hydrology.
-  Water quality.​​



    Post-Doctorate Researcher


Name: Yael Storz-Peretz​
Status: post-doctorate researcher

Degrees: Ph.D.   Ben Gurion University of the Negev

                M.A.    Ben Gurion University of the Negev

               B.A.     Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Advisors: Jonathan B. Laronne
Email: storz@post.bgu.ac.il
Web:  http://www.geog.bgu.ac.il/fastSite/coursesFiles/phd/yael.pdf

Research Interests:​
My main interest is fluvial geomorphology particularly in different channel patterns, the relation between morphology and texture (morpho-texture) and the influence of climate and hydrological regime on river characteristics. Therefore I compare ephemeral (arid) to perennial (humid) counterparts. GIS and remote sensing techniques combined with field measurements constitute the principal approach in my research, mainly based on photogrammetry and TLS (Terrestrial Laser Scanning) technology. I am also interested in alluvial fans, in the influence of the Dead Sea level drop on the environment and in the interaction between engineering infrastructures and fluvial processes and their mutual influence​.


   Current Graduate Students

Name: Noa Hillel
Status: Ph.D. student

Degrees: M.A. Geography and Environmental Development,                      Ben Gurion University of the Negev

                 B.A. Geography ​​and Environmental
                 Development, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Advisors: Prof. Jonathan Laronne, Prof. Ralf Merz, Dr. Christian Siebert
Email: hilleln@post.bgu.ac.il
Office:  +972 8 6472017
Web:    http://www.geog.bgu.ac.il/fastSite/coursesFiles/phd/hilel.pdf

Research Interests:​

My research interests include stream water quality measurements by using geochemical tracers such as ionic ratios, isotopic analysis and rare earth elements to identify water sources of the stream. The research is collaborative with the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (Halle Germany) and with Goettingen University.


Name: Nadav Bruner
Status: M.Sc student


Advisors: Dr. Yael Storz-Peretz, Prof. Jonathan Laronne


Office:  +972 8 6472016
Research Interests:​



Name: Kyle Stark
Degrees: B.Sc. Geology, College of William and Mary
Advisors: Dr. John Laronne, BGU, Dr. Dan Cadol, New Mexico                   Tech
Phone: (+01) 540 333 4874
Research Interest:
My main focus is bedload and suspended sediment transport in desert ephemeral streams. These streams are flood driven; they only flow after high intensity rain during monsoon season. Because of their variability, it is difficult to accurately measure the amount of sediment moving downstream. I am using a variety of instruments, including acoustic hydrophones, geophones, slot samplers, and other remote sampling equipment to measure these highly unpredictable flows.


Name: Dagan Levran

s: M.A. student

: B.A. Physical Geography, Ben Gurion University of                      the Negev

Advisors: Dr. Yoav Avni and Prof. Jonathan Laronne
Office: +972-8-6428400
Phone: +972-502-880983

Research Interests:
My interests include understanding the geomorphological processes and their chronology that affected the evolution of the Judean Desert streams and the examining the possibility of stream capture in these streams by geological and geomorphological field methods​.


Name: Omer Horovitz
Status: M.A student
Degrees: B.Sc. marine biotechnology, Ruppin Academic                                 Center 
Advisors: Professor Jonathan Laronne, Dr.Bernard Karrasch                                and Dr.Stefan Geyer
Email:​ omerho@post.bgu.ac.il

Office:  +972-8-647202


Phone:  +972-52-6441201​

Research Interests:
I am especially interested in identifying water pollution, the sources of pollution and their impact on water bodies, seeking ways to characterize and measure the pollutants and hopefully to prevent future pollution by finding the source and offering alternative solutions. My research deals with extracellular enzymes and attempts to characterize their activity depending on the level of pollution in Lower Jordan River water.



Name: Aya cohen
Status: M.Sc. student
Degrees:  B.Sc. in Geology and Environmental Studies, BGU
Advisors: Professor Jonathan Laronne, Dept. Geography                                    and  Environmental Development, and Dr.Liran Goren,
                 Dept. Geology and Environmental Studies
Email: ayc@post.bgu.ac.il​
Office: +972-8-6477523
Phone: +972-52-5837197

Research Interests:
Environmental geology, ecology and the reclamation of anthropogenically disturbed area.  Runoff and sediment will be examined on natural and artificial hillslopes at the Oron Phosphate Mine as background for optimal reclamation. The focus will be on landscape stability after runoff events in comparison to the natural undisturbed landscape at the Oron Phosphate Mine area. Based on the results computer models will be used to predict landscape evolution using soil and climate parameters of the region. These models will allow examining landscape evolution during geological periods.


Name:  Eran Halfi
Status:  M.Sc. student in Environmental Engineering with                                thesis (interdisciplinary research with Dept.Geogr. &                          Environ. Development)
Advisors:  Prof. Jonathan Laronne, Prof. David Katoshevski
Email:​ eranhalfi@gmail.com​ 
Office:    +972-8-6428400
Mobil phone:   +972-50-4211418



Name: Adam Eshel
Status:     M.Sc. student at the Department of Geophysics
                 and Planetary Science, Tel
-Aviv University.
Degrees: B.Sc. in Soil and Water Science, the Faculty of                                     Agriculture, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Advisors: Prof. Jonathan Laronne (BGU) and Prof. Pinhas
                Alpert (TAU).
Email:​ adameshel@mail.tau.ac.il​
Office: +972-8-64728400
Phone: +972-54-3970348

Fields of interest:
Monitoring flash- floods in real time. Comparison and use of precipitation maps based on data received from recording rain gauges, radar backscatter and cellular tower networks to predict water discharge and flood alert in Judean Desert Wadis. Understanding soil as a physical system.​




Name: Yaackov Prois
Status: M.Sc. student 
Degrees: B.Sc. in Geology and Environmental Studies, BGU
Advisors: Professor Jonathan Laronne, Dept. Geography and  Environmental Development, and  Dr. Liran  Goren, Dept. Geology and Environmental  Studies
Email: yaackovp@gmail.com
Phone: 972-52-3723787

My research involves soil erossion from agricultural land in the Harod drainage basin. The aim is to understand the relations between rain events, soil erossion and methods for soil conservation.


Name: Gefen Lemel
Status: M.Sc. student 
Degrees: B.A. Physical Geography, Ben Gurion University of                      the Negev
Advisors: Prof. Jonathan Laronne, Dr. Eli Argaman, Prof. Dam Blumberg
Email: lemelg@post.bgu.ac.il
Phone: 972-52-3136205

Areas of interest and research:

My interests are the integration of the human field with the natural environment.  I am interested in proper and sustainable planning and development, which is based on physical characteristics such as soil, hydrology and climate.

My master's thesis deals with the rehabilitation of damaged areas and their comparison to natural areas, using a hydrogeomorphological approach. The objective of this study is to improve the results of the rehabilitation process for the affected areas in the future.

Research - Zin:

 ​Research topic:

An examination of the factors that affect the stability of natural and rehabilitated slopes in the Zin phosphate mine as a background for optimal rehabilitation (Research done by Gefen Lemel co-supervised by Jonathan Laronne and Eli Argaman).


Research Area:

Northeast Negev, Zin Valley Extreme arid climatic zone. In the area of the phosphate field Zin.


The purpose of the study:

The aim of this study is to recommend how to reduce erosion from reclaimed slopes with a hydrogeomorphological approach -  a method used in mines in desert areas in the southwestern United States and Australia. Such a recommendation depends first and foremost on understanding the hydro geomorphic response of present rehabilitated slopes compared to the natural ones adjacent to the mining area. Two main methods, Structure-from-Motion (SfM) for measurement of gully-erosion and runoff plots for the examination of the amount of sediment discharged during natural rain events.​


Technical Staff
Lab Technician:

Name: Yehoshua Ratzon

Status: Lab Technician

Office: Building 72, room 238

Phone: +972-8-6472026

Email: ratzony@bgu.ac.il​


Name: Oron Moshe Guy
Status: IT Technician
Office: Building 72, room 252
Phone: +972-8-6472014


Research Assistants (undergraduate Students):

1תמונה נעמה.jpg

Name: Naama Weisman
Status: Research Assistant
Degree: Bachelor student, 3rd year, Geography, BGU ​
Email: naamaw15@gmail.com
Phone: 972-52-6450390​


Name: Liron Danaa
Status: Research Assistant
Degree: Bachelor student, 2nd year, Geology and                               Geography, BGU
Email: lirondanaa@gmail.com
Phone: 972-58-6655114

Name: Chaya Sud
Status: Research Assistant
Degree: Bachelor student, 2nd year, Geography, BGU
Email: chayasud@gmail.com
Phone: 972-50-8371174