Apr. 30
- Jun. 05

Diane and Guilford Glazer Building for the Guilford  Glazer Faculty of Business and Management (#15)


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​​​​Join us for a step-by-step legal introduction to the process of launching a technology-based venture. Learn from the best with Ehud Laszlo, over 25 years' experience in hands-on representation of and consulting to entrepreneurs and companies in technology based business sectors in both domestic and international environments.

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On average, a VC reviews 400-600 companies for "A-round" investments per year, and selects 4-6 (1%) of them. Large angel investors review 100-200 companies for "A-round" investments per year, and choose only 1-2 (1%) of them. What about the remaining 99%? Are all of them “not fundable"? Definitely not! In many cases, founders just fail to convey their business message properly, using technology language instead of business terminology. Unfortunately, they don't get a second chance to make a first impression. “In A-round, you need to act and talk like a company. This lecture will introduce you to investor's presentation from business model story perspective.

Do you know everything about your field? Your market? What about your competitors? Do you know how they sell, raise funds, and market themselves? What is the next product or service they are planning on developing? If you answered NO to one or more of these questions, this lecture is for you. Gilad Sarusi, CEO of Gabriel Intelligence Agency, will showcase easy and efficient ways to collect crucial information about your market, competitors and more. After this lecture you'll walk away understanding what third-party tools he has utilized to help his clients know more and win, coupled with key learnings from real case studies that can be applied towards your company, and/or individual or business needs.

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How do you plan the finances of a startup? What's a Gantt chart? When can you expect to start seeing a profit? Learn the answers to all of these questions and more, as Yossi Shavit, CEO of the Inno-Negev Accelerator walks you through the financial basics of launching a startup.


A lot of startups have a great idea and a great team, but fall short when they try to wow investors. Learn what it takes to give a professional and convincing pitch to secure the funding your team needs. What is it essential to talk about and what can you leave out? What makes the difference between a memorable presentation and a mediocre one? Rachel will give you practical tips about how to present yourself and your idea so that people will want to listen,