The Feher Institute for Public Policy and Management


The Feher Institutefor Public Policy and Management was founded by the Feher Foundation, bearing the name of Rose and Paul Feher of Paris, France, as part of the Foundation’s overall support for many significant causes in Israel.


The Institute’s prime objective is the development of management leadership in Israel and the surrounding area. Its focus is on the graduate program for management in public policy, with an emphasis on municipal management and industrial leadership.

The program is currently geared towards the integration of public policy and administration’s perspective into the education of the highly selective group of students pursuing their Honors MBA degree.
The importance of municipal systems is increasing, mostly due to a decentralizing process where the responsibility for many services previously held by central government has been placed upon local authorities. In addition, the collapse of the global financial markets of 2007-2009 was followed by major intervention of governments. As a result, the problems facing decision-makers in the municipal sector are becoming even more complex.
It has become clear that the classical one-dimensional, (mostly political science) academic approach to training Israeli municipal and industrial managers does not fit the complex problems with which they have to cope. Business training for these sectors must combine managerial and economics ability with social studies and cultural awareness.  
The Institutes educational program reflects the complex problems and challenges that will form the future manager’s domain into the next century. It includes traditional concepts in public administration as well as tools for coping with competitive and complex knowledge-based environments like computerized information systems, statistical analysis, decision-making, economics & administration, ethics, organizational behavior, social processes, and law & justice.
Enrichment Activities
Some of the enrichment activities currently underway at the Institute include:
Students Scholarships for Excellence
The Institute awards students’ scholarships based on criteria of high academic performance and applied projects in public policy and municipal management.
Visiting Experts
The Institute hosts seminars presented by eminent scholars from Israel and abroad, the leading managers involved in government and industry.
The Institute contributes significant volumes an titles to Ben-Gurion University’s Central Library.
National and International Conferences
To promote a public dialogue on issues related to the private and public sectors, the Institute organizes ongoing conferences with prominent speakers from the academia and public & private management, organized jointly with the Bengis Center for Entrepreneurship and High-Tech Management.
Relevant Courses in the MA Program
Management, Public Administration and Public Policy
  • Implementing Public Policy
  • Bureaucracy
  • Organizational Theories in the Public Sector
  • Political Systems and Public Policy Leadership
  • The Principles of Classification of Manpower for Managerial Positions
  • Evaluating Projects
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Communications and Public Relations
  • Quality Control in the Public Sector
  • National Accounting
  • Forecasting in Public Administration
  • Models in Decision-Making
  • Planning and Budgeting in the Public Sector
  • Application of Quantitative Methods in Public Administration
  • Industrial Relations


Management and Public Policy in Specific Fields


  • Municipal Politics and Public Policy
  • Municipal Management in Israel
  • The Social Structure of the Israeli Welfare Policy
  • Managing Municipal Development and Planning
  • Issues in Regional Development
  • Organizational Development of Public Systems
  • Regional Management
  • Technological Entrepreneurship
  • Management for Human Services
  • Communal Systems, Communal Organizations and Social Changes
  • Management and Policies for Non-Profit Organizations
Policies of Health Systems
  • Public Policy and Technological Innovation
  • Business Culture in the Middle East
  • Environmental Management
  • Managing Water Resources
  • Management of Natural and Environmental Resources
Management of Transportation Systems


Paul and Rose Feher





Paul Feher, the son of Eugene Feher – a physician and surgeon, and of Marie, nee Weisz, was born in Salonta, Transylvania (now a part of Romania). He held Doctorates in Law and Political Sciences. Being a Lawyer, he practiced his profession in Bucharest, Romania, until 1948. Since 1955 and until he passed away, he has headed one of the largest law firms in Paris.
Paul Feher was known throughout Europe as one of the world’s experts in the civil laws of remuneration, reparation and compensation. For years he had represented the interests of the victims of the Nazis. He was an avid lover of the arts with a special interest in impressionism.
Rose Feher was born in Lyons and raised in Strasburg. During World War II she was an active member of the French Underground, and rescued tens of European Jews. When her colleagues recommended her for the Knight of Legion of Honor she declined, saying that “one does not merit a prize for doing one’s duty”.