​​​​​​​​Message from the Dean, Prof. Miki Malul

​​​​SHY_4399.jpgDear Friends,

The Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management GGFBM is the most dynamic Business School in Israel, with​ the largest variety of BA, MA and MBA degrees. The GGFBM has the unique added value of leadership and social responsibility that transcends all of our academic endeavors: curriculum, relevant research, student activities.

I invite you to join us to study for a degree in Management: BA Management, BA Hotel and Tourism Management, BA Information Systems Management, Dual-BA with any Department of the Humanities Faculty, MA in Public Policy and Administration, MA in Tourism and Hotel Management, MBA, MBA for Executives, MBA in Social Leadership, International MBA Program, PhD's, and Atidim Cadet Program for Local Government. GGFBM graduates come out with significant added value and experience in leadership and social responsibility, in connection to practice and in making their own print on solutions to managerial and social issues.

A degree from the GGFBM gives you a significant competitive edge in the labor market. The tools acquired in our degree programs provide the response to the growing need for managers who are also leaders and who have a broad vision that takes society and the environment into account

The Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management is a most strong proponent of excellence, innovation in research and in teaching. It is our aim to prepare students for the ever-changing job market and provide them with the best tool and experience. As well as workshops that combine new academic knowledge with the development of practical applications for knowledge, and are among the leading managers in the senior management field in Israel and abroad: in the business sector, the public sector and the third sector. The GGFBM is the only business school in Israel with Leadership Institute (Mandel Leadership Institute). The Institute for Leadership enables us to integrate courses on leadership in our various programs. Our graduates receive tools to develop their leadership, which will provide them with best skills and tools as senior managers in various organizations throughout the economy. Beyond that, we are the only Faculty in Israel that adds emphasis on social responsibility to management studies in all degree Departments. In a world in which a broad vision is required from managers and in a business world where the corporation and the environment are an integral and necessary part of management considerations, GGFBM graduates enjoy a significant competitive advantage over graduates of other management schools.

The GGFBM lecturers, both from Israel and abroad, are of highest caliber. Positioned at the forefront of world knowledge, our lecturers are well-connected to the world of practice. In addition, senior managers from the field take part in teaching degree courses and workshops, so that we present current managerial and social trends to the learning space. This form of instruction enables students to implement practical solutions from the real management world, while at the same time utilizing creativity and innovation in finding solutions.

During the course of the studies, students participate in concentrated challenges (hackathons, competitions, etc.) to solve problems at the macro level (consumer, society, etc.) and at the micro level (management challenges from the field). In these challenges, the students use the knowledge they have acquired as well as innovation, creativity and teamwork required. Not only do students experience problem solving, which gives them a significant advantage over graduates of other faculties, but they also mark a true contribution to the economy, society and the management world.

Don't settle for less! Join us. This is your time to forge ahead, lead and influence!

Best wishes,

Prof. Miki Malul​