Jul. 20, 2020

​​​​At a time when the global community is facing huge challenges due to the COVID19 pandemic, BGU's online global health program provides students with a timely and comprehensive learning experience.

Thirty-five students from seventeen countries have joined the program with the aim to better understand the forces behind global health decision-making and policy-setting, which is so relevant to the current global situation. 

Students will participate in discussions with specialists who practice different aspects of global public health across the world, and will explore the impact of global health trends and policies in their home communities. 

The diverse academic, geographic and professional backgrounds of the students enrolled in the course will make their experience profound and meaningful. Sharing experiences and practices from different countries such as Argentina, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Honduras, India, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam and Israel, will enrich the discussions and bring an assortment of views and perspectives to the program.

Led by Prof. Nadav Davidovitch, Dr. Anat Rosenthal, Ms. Rachel Gur-Arie and Mr. Lotan Kraun, the academic program will be further enriched by several visitor lectures. The course will focus on the intersection of public health and globalization. Students ​will discuss the different ways in which global processes impact the distribution of health resources, pose new bioethical quandaries and alter our understanding of health. Case studies will go beyond the timely and obvious COVID-19 and will include other global health topics such as AIDS, Ebola, and more.

Program participants are health professionals and students in the fields of health sciences, healthcare management or social sciences, who will be awarded six BGU academic credits upon completion of the course.