·         Dr. Natalia Bilenko, Faculty of Health Sciences (FOHS), Department of Public Health. 

Dr. Bilenko’s research interests include:  air pollution and health outcomes, adverse pregnancy outcome, childhood hypertension, cardiovascular and total mortality, gestational diabetes mellitus in Bedouin population, and iron deficiency anemia and other micronutrient deficiencies in pregnancy, infancy and childhood.


·         Prof. Assaf Rudich, FOHS, Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology. 

Prof. Rudich’s research interests include:  obesity, adipose tissue metabolism and the adipose tissue contribution to obesity-related diseases, insulin resistance, and diabetes.  He has particular expertise in adipose tissue physiology and endocrinology. 

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·         Prof. Danit Shahar, FOHS, Department of Public Health. 

Prof. Shahar’s research interests include:  geriatric nutrition, the impact of nutritional intervention and eating patterns on health and functional deterioration, and digestion and microbacteria. She is ​also a registered dietitian and an expert in nutritional database management and the development and validation of dietary assessment tools.


·         Prof. Iris Shai, FOHS, Department of Public Health. 

Since returning in 2004 from a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University’s School of Public Health supported by S. Daniel Abraham International Center for Health and Nutrition, she has led the international research group specializing in dietary RCTs. Prof. Shai is a nutritional epidemiologist with expertise in the epidemiology of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.