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How can I get a user?

In order to get a user you can submit a sign up request.
we will review your request and will inform you via email with our decision.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

In case you forgot your password please contact us and we will help you set up a new password.

How can I see the satellite images from a certain area?

Click the pin that is pinned on the wanted area.
  • If there is only one image cluster in the selected area then click the "Download/View Images" button.
  • If there is more than one image cluster in the selected area, please see the answer to the question "What can I do when there are multiple image clusters in the same spot?"
  • What can I do when there are multiple image clusters in the same spot?

    You can:
  • See the information about each image cluster by hovering over it's link.
  • See only the images from one of the multiple clusters. You can do that by clicking the link of the wanted image cluster.
  • See the images from all of the image clusters in the specified area by clicking the "Download/View All Images" button.
  • How can I see all the satellite images at once?

    Click the "View All Images" button, below the right side of the map.

    How can I sign out of my user?

    Click the "sign out" link, below the left side of the map.
    Also, you will be automatically signed out after 15 minutes of inactivity - so it's not a big deal if you forget to sign out :)

    What is this website?

    This website is an online image directory of the nanosatellite BGUSAT(Catalog number: 41999).
    This website is designed as map\browser that allows you to browse freely between all the images of BGUSAT based on geographical location.

    How can I contact you?

    You can send us an email, call us, or fax us.
    Our contact information is:
    The Earth and Planetary Image Facility (EPIF)
    * Tel: 972-8-6477931
    * Fax: 972-6-6472821
    * Email:

    Dr. Shimrit Maman - Laboratory director
    * Tel: 972-8-6472009
    * Email: