The program of the Energy Laboratory is directed at solving problems in energy-related fields that require expertise in overlapping scientific disciplines, such as thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, and fluid dynamics.
The R&D activities: 
  • Upgrading and utilization of low-potential energy sources by absorption processes of refrigerants into liquid and solid 
  • Search for environmentally acceptable working fluids for the energy industry. 
  • Enhancement of heat and mass transfer in drying processes (experimental studies and mathematical and numerical modeling of heat and mass transfer in fluidized beds, spray dryers, and pneumatic dryers). 
  • Computer-based instrumentation 
Current Research Projects:
  • Development of a new energy efficient absorption cooling units
  • Development of hybrid absorption refrigeration units
  • Search for new green working fluids for absorption heat pumps.
  • Experimental measurements of thermodynamic and transport properties of refrigerant-absorbent mixtures.
  • Flow boiling of organic binary solutions
  • Drying Studies of solid particulate systems.
  • Development of DEM-CFD models and simulations
  • Modeling and Simulation of Size Reduction Systems.