(ILSE-Joint Laboratory)

Current limits to the development and diffusion of solar technologies for energy production include:

- low efficiency/density power (W/m2);
- high costs and limited availability of raw materials for PV applications;
- low production throughput unable to sustain an increasing market,
- energy production discontinuity.

The ILSE-Joint Laboratory aims to carry out R&D activities to overcome some aspects of the limits mentioned above. The picture below illustrates the domain of activity of the JL as a grid connecting thematic areas and R&D fields of activity.






In February 2010 BGU and ENEA, the Italian National agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development, signed a 5-year agreement to:
• Host at the BGU Research Centres suitably qualified Italian Post-doctoral, Doctoral, and Masters-level visitors for 3-6 month periods;
• Set up joint R&D activities on the aforementioned topics of common interest concerning Solar and other Alternative energies;
• Organize and carry out joint scientific meetings, training programmes, workshops.

BGU’s steering committee for the joint lab includes: Prof. David Faiman (head), Dr. Iris Visoly-Fisher, Prof. Eugene Katz, Prof. Daniel Feurmann, Dr. Rafi Shikler. ENEA committee members are: Dr. Anna De Lillo, ENEA UTRIN.-Technical Unit for Renewable Energy Sources, Dr. Andrea Quntiliani, ENEA UTICT.-Technical Unit for IT and ICT Systems Development, Dr. Francesco Roca, ENEA-UTTP.-Technical Unit for Portici Technologies- Solar Technologies. The JL is monitored by Prof. Alessandro Treves, MAE-Italian Ministry of Foreign Affair Science and Technology Attachés.-Tel Aviv.

As of December 2011, three ENEA post-doctoral fellows visited BGU labs to perform joint research on various Photovoltaic energy conversion projects; two joint ENEA-BGU workshops were held (one at BGU’s Sede Boqer campus and one at ENEA Portici centre); and joint research proposals were prepared and submitted to appropriate funding agencies. 

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