Department of Man in the Desert

The Department of Man in the Desert comprises two of the Institutes' historical units: Desert Architecture & Urban Planning, and Social Studies. The department's mandate is to study all aspects of the human habitat in deserts past, present and future, among these:

  • sustainable development
  • physical planning, energy conserving sustainable architectural design
  • urban design and microclimate
  • settlement forms, organizational issues, and resource management
  • social, anthropological, behavioral, gender-related and physiological aspects
  • indigenous communities with special focus on the local Bedouin and sedentarization and urbanization processes
  • water and food security, disasters and contingency planning, refugees and emergency shelter
  • indoor environment quality (IEQ) and post-occupancy evaluation (POE)
  • vernacular typologies and their upgrading
  • Science Technology Society (STS) studies, development projects, technology uptake processes and barriers

The department's faculty members pursue these matters through competitive research grants, integrated teaching programs, and the joint supervision of research students. Faculty members devote their time and effort to the promotion of such matters, and fulfill their teaching and supervision obligations primarily through the Man in the Drylands Specialization of AKIS, although cooperation with other academic institutions and non-academic bodies in Israel and abroad that share interests and goals is encouraged.