This year EMC2-RSA, Jerusalem Venture Partners JVP, Lockheed Martin and BGN Technologies, the University's technology transfer company, created the CyberSpark Industry Initiative, a non-profit organization that will engage in the international promotion of the Beer-Sheva cyber hub and work to shape the next generation of cyber security experts in the region.

The CyberSpark Industry Initiative has become the central coordinating body for joint cyber industry activities with government agencies, the IDF, the public and academia.

The Initiative is formulating a multi-year business plan, leveraging the region's significant strengths and maximizing its potential in the field of cyber security technology.

It is marketing the region and the city of Beer-Sheva as a global cyber security center, encouraging joint academia-industry partnerships and supporting the articulation of plans to recruit and develop human resources in the field, as well as incentive plans to draw other companies, whether international or Israeli, to establish projects or base themselves in the region.

Two new programs have already been launched: the Cyber Executive Academy @ CyberSpark, Israel – an International School of Cyber Training for Senior Executives and Decision Makers and a CyberSpark Affiliates program. Accessing the cumulative knowledge of the CyberSpark partners, these professional programs offer participating companies and organizations access to the people and ideas that are shaping cybe security strategy and technologies today.


You are welcome to visit the CyberSpark website