Over the past 15 years, Ben-Gurion University has developed core competencies in a wide range of fields related to information security, particularly as it touches upon mobile devices.

With the launch of the Deutsche Telekom (DT) Innovation Labs@BGU more than a decade ago, those capabilities were intensified. Today, the Deutsche Telekom Innovation Labs@BGU comprises more than 100 researchers, students and technical staff.

BGU was the first university in Israel to introduce cyber study tracks for undergraduate and graduate students, attracting the best and brightest students and researchers from around the world. The Department of Information Systems Engineering is now the largest in Israel, with significant resources devoted specifically to cyber security.

The Department of Computer Science builds on long years of expertise to innovate in the field, which drew IBM to campus to create a Center of Excellence focused on the protection of critical infrastructure and assets. The multi-faceted challenge of cyber security is also being met by the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Communication Systems Engineering, Education and Emergency Medicine.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is, over the next five years, moving its most advanced technology units to the growing Advanced Technologies Park (ATP), adjacent to the University, where it will be able to access BGU's research and teaching facilities.

Recognizing these strengths, the Israel National Cyber Bureau and BGU created a Cyber Security Research Center, focused on identifying risks while developing solutions to protect critical national infrastructures. The Israel National Cyber Bureau will also locate its Cyber Emergency Readiness Teams (CERT) in Beer-Sheva.