​Food security is the challenge of producing food for the human population sustainably while controlling greenhouse gas emissions and preserving water availability. To encourage research related to food and water security, the Moshe Mirilashvili Center for Food Security in the Desert is announcing a yearly call for fellowships to support graduate students (master and Ph.D.) who study food and water security in arid environments.

Call for Applicants Food Security MERIT 2022.pdf

Food Security MERIT Fellowship 2022 Receipts

​​Student nameResearch title
Jawaji ArunjyothiAlgae in the aid of fish production by aquaculture
Ashageru Tsega
Studying the effect of terpenes on two-spotted spider mite reproduction
Aye Nyein Ko
Carbon and metabolic benefits and costs of self/non-self-kinship recognition in plants
Judy Njoki Githiri
Identifying grapevine varieties tolerant to the newly introduced spider mite pest in Israel
Tesfaye Asmare SisaySarcocornia (EL and VM ), Salicornia brachiate, and dead sea ecotypes growth performance when grown under various salinity and nitrogen levels
Anuma Dangol
The biosynthesis and function of serotonin under abiotic and biotic stresses in Setaria viridis
Avraham Ben-Sheleg
ROS resilience in Arthospira platensis and Nannochloropsis oceanica: A key for selecting strains for cultivation in excess light environments
Lina Zhao
Synchronization of Flower Opening: The Heterodichogamous Species Ziziphus jujuba as a Case Study
Mariana Vasconcelos Barroca
Avoiding potential reduction in food production in the Arava Desert due to nematodes infection
Petar JovanovicDiurnal patterns of nutrient acquisition by plants as affected by abiotic stresses
Aviad AvrahamThe Fate of Micropollutants in a Novel Wastewater Treatment System for Small Off-Grid
Idit Waldman
Fouling of ultrafiltration membranes in Anaerobic membrane bioreactors: Advanced analysis and related mechanisms
Katherine Kaufman
Real time monitoring of microbial consortia bioactivity towards two micropollutants in wastewater treatment process
Mohammed Zeiad Albream
Treatment of intensive fish wastewater using a new membrane bioreactor approach: from fouling propensity to membrane performance
Musie Welldegerima Atsbha
Recovery of nitrogen from pharmaceutical wastewater as liquid fertilizer using hollow fiber liquid-liquid membrane contactors
Brhane Amha Tesfahunegn
Laser induced graphene -Anatase Titanium (IV) oxide nanocomposite driven adsorption and photodegradation of methyl orange
Linda Klamann
Detection methods and prevalence of vitamin B12 in duckweed species
Yonas Zeslase Belete
A decentralized and on-site dairy farm wastewater treatment system for reuse in irrigation in an arid environment small community