Tech IdTitleInventorsPublication No.
0085Evaporation DeviceJack Gilron, Avraham Kedem, Ora KedemWO/2000/075078
0103Membranes, coatings and films and methods for their preparationOra Kedem, Charles Linder, Yoram OrenWO 07/135689
0118Encapsulated Essential OilsCharles Linder, Arie MarkusWO/2004/098767
0132Highly conductive ordered ion exchange membranesViatcheslav Freger, Ora Kedem, Eli Korin, Charles Linder, Yoram OrenWO 04/005380
0202Methods and system for increasing recovery and preventing precipitation fouling in pressure driven membrane processesJack Gilron, Eli KorinWO 05/053824
0214Method and apparatus for repositioning flow elements in a tapered flow structureJack GilronWO 06/137068
0238Method and system for monitoring soil propertiesOfer DahanWO 07/088534
0465Air cooled absorption cooling system operable by low grade heat
Irena Borde, Michael Jelineck, Avi LevyWO 11/027350
0477Antimicrobial Water Treatment Membranes And Production ThereofEhud Banin, Ron Kasher, Zeev RonenWO11/070573
0533Method And Apparatus For Effecting High Recovery Desalination With Pressure Driven MembranesSivan Bleich, Jack Gilron, Yevgeny Goldkine, Dan PeledWO 13/156988
0535Analyzing Ultrasonic Signals Using A Dynamic Window For An Early Detection Of Scaling In Water Processing EquipmentK. Cobry, Jack Gilron, A. Greenbert, X. Lu, G. Mizrachi, M. PetersonWO 12/007909
0603Efficiency Enhanced  Thermoelectric DevicesOra Entin, Yoseph Imry, JianHua JiangWO 13/035100
0647Gold Nanostructers And Processes For Their PreparationRaz Jelinek, Ahiud MoragWO 2014/072969
0699A Catalyst For Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation For Production Of Hydrocarbons And Process Employing Such CatalystMordechai Herskowitz, Miron Landau, Roxana VidrukWO 14/111919
0752Catalysts Based On Silicoaluminophosphate Sapo-11 And Uses ThereofMordechai Herskowitz, Miron Landau, Moshe Rabaev, Roxana VidrukWO 2015/102002
0867Additives for protection of polymers against ultraviolet lightMoshe Gottlieb, Olga Iliashevsky, Yafa YagenWO 2017/145169
0871Catalyst Composition And Catalytic Process For Producing Liquid HydrocarbonsMeital Amoial, Mordechai Herskowitz, Miron Landau, Roxana VidrukWO 2016/162866
0940Antibiofilm and antimicrobial functional membrane spacerChristopher Arnusch, Sargunaraj Franklin, Yilun Li, Yoram Oren, Pratap Swatantra, James TourWO2017/199247
0966Porous mineral nucleus and a metal shellUri Abdu, Sigal Abramovich, Mahmmud Diab, Taleb MokariWO2018047177
0969Non-Tracking Solar Energy CollectorIdo Frenkel, Avi NivWO 2018/055610 A1
0971Novel, highly efficient, eco-friendly processes for converting CO2 or CO-rich steams to liquid fuels and chemicalsMordechai Herskowitz, Tomy HosWO 2018/051334
0976An electrode and an electrochemical capacitor comprising the electrodeRaz Jelinek, Ahiud MoragWO 2018/158761
0978Polymer-Derived Laser Induced Graphene Materials And Uses ThereofChristopher Arnusch, Swatantra Singh, James TourWO 2018/085789
0980In-situ measurement of nitrate in soilShlomi Arnon, Ofer Dahan, Elad YeshnoWO 2018/104939
0989Process and Apparatus for Purifying LiquidAsher Brenner, Eran Halfi, David Katoshevski, Daphne MeidanWO 2018/163183
1044Electrochemical oxidation of methane to methanolArmand Bettelheim, Lior Frimet, Yanir Kadosh, Amir Kaplan, Eli KorinWO 2019/224811
1049Etched silicon based devises and methods for their preparationMuhammad BashoutiWO 2019/150366
1110Laser-Induced Graphene Composites and Sensors and Methods of Use ThereofChristopher Arnusch, Duy Luong, Swatantra Singh, Amit Thakur, James Tour, Kaichun Yang 
1121Pseudocapacitor Thin Layer for High Frequency ApplicationsRaz Jelinek, Ahiud Morag

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