Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is the fastest growing research university in Israel. Just shy of its jubilee, BGU is an agent of change, fulfilling the vision of David Ben-Gurion, Israel's legendary first prime minister, who envisaged the future of Israel emerging from the Negev. From the depths of the desert, a vibrant, cutting-edge powerhouse has risen; from medicine to the humanities to the natural sciences, BGU conducts groundbreaking research and offers insightful instruction.

The University is at the heart of Beer-Sheva's transformation into the country's cyber capital, where leading multi-national corporations eagerly leverage BGU's expertise in cyber security, robotics, digital medicine, biotechnology and nanotechnology to generate innovative R&D. A third of Israel's engineers graduate from BGU, with that number destined to rise as the IDF moves south and sends its best and brightest to swell the ranks of BGU's student body. To accommodate that growth, BGU has launched an ambitious campaign to double the size of its main campus.

BGU's mission is to effect change, locally, regionally and internationally. Fostering unique partnerships, BGU is a university with a conscience, active both on the frontiers of science and in the community, making significant contributions in the fields of desert studies, hydrology, drylands agriculture and alternative energy. Over a third of our students participate in one of the world's most developed community action programs.

As it counts up to its fiftieth anniversary, the University's research becomes ever more relevant as its global reach broadens. ​