• Head of Information & Computer Unit:

    Ms. Neli Oren

  • Computer Engineer:
    Mr.Yosef Litus

  • Information Programmer: 
    Mr. Ziv Yoffe

The Ben-Gurion Archives Online is a project designed to provide digitalized documentation. Initiated by Dr. Tuvia Friling, the project offers scholars, students, and the general public Internet access to the wealth of archival material from a computerized database that uses full/free text and imaging of actual documents. We believe that the availability of so vast a storehouse of information will have a far-reaching impact on research in the humanities and social sciences in general, and the history of Israel in particular.

The project processes immense quantities of documentation, most of which until now has been in poor quality of print. The absorption of the material is done through optical scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) software that was developed and specifically adapted for the project by the Tel Aviv-based ERA Company. Retrieval of the information takes place via a retrieval engine (XRS) of 2001 Computers and System Services Ltd.

The computerized database currently contains over 700,000 pages of archival documents, including 20,000 pages of Ben-Gurion’s Diaries. The data is available at different levels: full text, inventory details accompanied by an image of the document, and browsing through virtual files according to their exact arrangement in the archives. The project is a joint effort of the Ben-Gurion Research Institute and the Computerization Center of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

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