The academic lectures will be accompanied by four days of touring, two in the Negev and one each in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, offering further opportunities to interact and obtain intimate knowledge on the Israeli society.


Negev tour days: One Negev tour will focus on the forms of settlement in the Negev, including the kibbutzim and hilltop settlements founded prior to the establishment of the State, cooperative farming settlements for immigrants, development towns, Bedouin towns and villages, and isolated settlements. During the tour, participants will meet with local activists involved in various endeavors in the fields of entrepreneurship, education, culture, and economy. They will learn about the history of the communities and their socio-cultural fabric.

The second tour will visit the city of Beer-Sheva and will focus on social and civic initiatives operating in the city and around Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The tour will include visits to non-profit organizations active in reducing social gaps, helping immigrants, and promoting coexistence and community empowerment. At each site, the participants will meet with the managers of the organization, volunteers, and community activists.

Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Tour Days: The tour will include a visit to Tel Aviv museums that feature the contemporary history of Israel and to sites that symbolize the beginning of the city Tel Aviv and Israel’s contemporary cultural centers. The tour of Jerusalem will include a visit to the Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter, as well as Yad Vashem, Mount Herzl, and the Israeli Knesset.