Sep. 29, 2016
September 2016 - Letter from the President 
Dear Friends,
We lost one of Israel's great statesmen this week, Shimon Peres. He was a true fighter for Israel and for peace and a staunch partner of Ben-Gurion University since its founding. We officially recognized his leadership three times but he attended countless events at the University over the past 46 years. Click on the item about his connection to BGU to see a photo album spanning decades.
Rosh Hashanah is a time of endings and for new beginnings as we focus our energies on a new year and a new semester. But first, I would like to tell you a little bit about our exciting summer.
There was a noticeable parade of visits from national and international dignitaries and students. Our reputation is growing, which leads to opportunities for unique collaborations that will help us improve even further. From Winnipeg, to Maryland to Norway, BGU is being talked about.
Earlier this summer, some of you, my dear friends, faculty members from the Humanities, and I visited the Vatican for high level meetings and met Pope Francis. It was a fascinating opportunity, which we believe will lead to interesting research collaborations.
We created our own opportunity as a specialized robot was successfully designed here for the first time after 60 years of attempts around the world.
Our students were also very active over the summer, continuing to impress. Whether developing apps and launching startups, or hosting their fellow European students for a taste of the “Start-Up Nation,” they made us proud.
Finally, don't forget to watch our special Rosh Hashanah video right below starring students from the different faculties.
The Apple of My Eye
Happy New Year!
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He received an honorary doctorate in 1984, a lifetime achievement award in 2000 and the Ben-Gurion Leadership Award in 2014. 
Click on the photo album at the bottom of the article.
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A group of Board of Governors and AABGU officials and two researchers met with leading cardinals.
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The two institutions to collaborate to further knowledge about nutrition and heart disease

  Winnipeg Jewish Review coverage  
VIPs from Near and Far Have Visited Recently

Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan
Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy Tord Lien
Science, Technology and Space Minister Ofir Akunis
Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich
Student Innovation
The new space at WeWork Beer-Sheva will help students
develop their ideas into startups.
Q-GO, which aims to cut down the time waiting in line, was chosen at a ceremony in Google’s Tel Aviv offices.
SET BGU hosted 30 students of Industrial Engineering & Management from 13 different countries.
A new app was deployed as part of the security initiatives at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
SayVU allows a user to send a distress signal to a hotline in an emergency even if a phone is locked and without having to access the application. The message can be sent in a number of ways; shaking the device, pushing outside the lock screen, hitting the selfie button or even speaking to the phone.
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Unique Robot Developed at BGU after 60 Years of Attempts
Watch the first SAW (Single Actuator Wave-like Robot) that produces a pure wave motion using a single motor. The SAW robot is designed for medical applications, maintenance, search and rescue and security scenarios.
Read more about its development and applications here
Watch it undulate now
“Studying at Oxford University will enable me to pursue my academic studies in the professional field to which I am committed, passionate and focused, and meet with outstanding men and women from around the world in one of the world's leading universities."
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"I'm very excited about this unique opportunity which will not only further my skills, but will include representing Israel and BGU, taking part in social and cultural events of the Jewish community, promoting appreciation of Israel's achievements and fostering open discussion about Israeli politics."
  An envoy for BGU and Israel  
The Toby Mower Curriculum for the Prevention and Treatment of Addiction recently concluded a three month long course “Addictions - Prevention, Detection and Treatment” for nurses who work in primary care clinics, Soroka University Medical Center and Beer-Sheva Mental Health Center.
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From all of us at Ben-Gurion University to you and your loved ones: May it be a happy, healthy, productive, insightful, and joyful year.
I look forward to another amazing year together.
Yours in Gratitude and Friendship,

Prof. Rivka Carmi
President, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev