The generosity of our donors has contributed to BGU’s exceptional growth in the years since its founding.  This support has propelled the University forward, in both direction and pace, in ways that would otherwise not have been possible.

We are proud to acknowledge the support of each donor in our circle of giving.  Donor recognition comes in many forms, including commemorative plaques, dedication ceremonies, photo albums, acknowledgment letters, annual reports, linking the donor's name to presentations and publications emanating from sponsored programs, and tribute walls. 

It is a privilege to honor the donors who lead the way, providing outstanding levels of support to the University.  BGU has established giving societies to recognize this distinguished group of donors.  Tribute walls with individual name-by-name inscriptions are prominently displayed on the Marcus Family Campus.

These recognition walls give BGU the opportunity to honor our donors and enable our donors to serve as an inspiration to others. 

Donor Recognition

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To make a donation or receive further information about any of the University’s activities, please contact the associate office in your proximity.