BGU is Israel's youngest university, but in a short time it has become Israel's fastest growing and most dynamic institution of higher learning.  From 15,000 students just 10 years ago, BGU has grown to close to 20,000 students, more than 800 faculty members, and 1,000  Ph.D. students at its Beer-Sheva, Eilat, and Sede Boqer campuses.

BGU's network of worldwide associates has played a critical role in this progress.  Over four decades of investment and commitment have created a thriving University consisting of dedicated faculty, students, researchers, and scientists joined together in the pursuit of excellence, nurturing the Negev community, and sharing the University's expertise locally and around the globe.

BGU is represented in fifteen  countries around the world by associate organizations that promote the University, raise critical funds for BGU, and provide local links to the University.  To make a donation or receive further information about any of the University's activities, please contact the associate office in your proximity.

Worldwide Associates of BGU


Worldwide Associates

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