Over four decades of commitment have created a thriving University where dedicated faculty, students, researchers, and scientists are joined together in the pursuit of excellence. Growth has taken place on all fronts, and the University has attained a leadership position in education and research while maintaining a firm commitment to innovation and community service.

BGU’s Community Action Department (web page is in Hebrew) spearheads the University’s community outreach program. Geared toward reducing social inequalities, the Unit includes a wide range of programs that make a real difference in the community while at the same time sharpen students’ social sensitivities. The Lillian and Larry Goodman Open Apartments Program (web page is in Hebrew) is a shining example of the Community Action Unit’s exemplary programs. Participating students live in Beer-Sheva’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods rent-free and provide a range of community service programs while serving as role models and community resources.

BGU’s leadership in research is reflected in the growth of BGN Technologies, the University’s technology transfer company, responsible for the commercialization of know-how and innovative technologies created by the University’s researchers. Efforts center on matching industry needs with researchers’ capabilities through collaborative and sponsored research and other activities aimed at maximizing BGU’s role in the marketplace – all of which create further educational and research opportunities for BGU and its faculty, researchers, and students.

We are pleased to share our strategic priorities with you and enlist your support of these critical areas.


Strategic Priorities

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