Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust:

Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies – (Yale University)
(A collection of over 4200 videotaped interviews with witnesses and survivors)

German Propaganda Archive – (Calvin College)
(The texts of essays, pamphlets and speeches, etc. in English translation. Posters, cartoons and photographs.)

The Holocaust History Project
(Archive of documents, photographs, recordings and essays, including direct refutation of Holocaust denial)

Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive
(The archives include over 3000 documentary films/videos covering the Holocaust and survivors,
Jewish communities worldwide, and Israel from 1911 on. Approximately 200 films are viewable online)

Voices of the Holocaust - Testimony Library - British Library
(Short testimonies of survivors who live in Great Britain, with voice and text)

Yad Vashem
(Photographs, Diaries and Letters, Documents, Testimonies, Maps and Charts, Artifacts, Art,
Excerpts from Research Studies, Righteous Among the Gentiles, Bibliographies, Lost Jewish Worlds)

Israel and Zionism:

The Ben-Gurion Archives Online - Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute and
Research Center, S'de-Boker

(Ben-Gurion's diaries, letters, speeches, and articles, as well as protocols and correspondence
from organizations and committees with which he was involved. Of the archives' three million pages
of documents, over 500,000 pages have been scanned, digitized and stored in the database
as electronic records, text and images.)

Israel Archives Association
(Gives contact information for and/or links to principal Israeli archives.)

Israel Library Network Sites
(Links to Israeli university and college library homepages and/or catalogues and
to the Israeli union lists of books and serials.)

Medinah Kamah – Ma'agar Sirtonim. (Misrad ha-Hinukh)
(Video and sound clips on Israel, from the Turkish and British periods to modern day.)

State of Israel National Photo Collection
(The photo archive of the Government Press Office Photography Department.
Includes digitalized photos from 1948 to the present day )

Israel-Arab Relations & the Middle East:

G. Eric and Edith Matson Negatives Collection – Library of Congress Prints and
Photographs Online Catalog

(Over 7,500 glass and film photographic negatives made by the American Colony Photo Department
and its successor, the Matson Photo Service, from 1898 to 1946. Illustrates Middle East culture, history,
and political events including people and locations in Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq,
Egypt, and Turkey. Also includes a bibliography and links to related resources )

Gamal Abdel Nasser Collection (Alexandrian Library, Egypt)
(Digitized collection of materials by and about Nasser, including documents, citations, writings, public statements,
biographical information, pictures, films and more. In Arabic.)

Libraries with Middle East Collections on the Internet – (University of Washington)
(Links to online catalogs of 60 mainly American and European academic and other libraries
with Middle East collections)

Middle East Photographs Archive – (University of Chicago)
(Photographs taken by 19th Century travelers to the Middle East)

Selection of Sites Dealing with the Israeli-Arab Conflict
(Complete copies of Internet sites, downloaded a number of times between November 2003 and May 2004
by the Jewish National and University Library Israeli Internet Sites Archive. Includes: Artzenu (Hebrew only),
Gush Shalom, De'ot (Hebrew only), HaHoma 2003 (Hebrew only), The Seventh Day, Council for Peace and Security,
HaMifkad HaLeumi-The National Census, Sobering Up, Professors for a Strong Israel, Ken LeHeskem,
Israel's War Against Terror, MEMRI, Refusing for Israel, Israel's Security Fence (Ministry of Defence), About Israel,
One Voice, Peace Now, and Gamla Shall Not Fall Again.)

Jewish Studies:

Judaica Libraries and Archives on the Web
(Links to libraries and archives of Judaica worldwide)

 North American Jewish Data Bank (Mandell L. Berman Institute)
(Historical and contemporary data sets and survey reports on Canadian and US Jewry.
Also selected articles from the American Jewish Year Book and links to other sites.)

 Rachel: The on-line catalog of the European Network of Judaica and Hebraica Libraries
(Combined catalog of the Library of the Alliance Israélite Universelle, the Library
of the Séminaire Israélite de France and the Paris Yiddish Center- Medem Library.)


The European Library
(Gateway to Europe's National Libraries.)

Iflanet Directory of Union Catalogues
(Complete listing of known current national union catalogues in the world, including monograph, serial
and general union catalogues)

Repositories of Primary Sources
(Lists over 5000 sites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs
and other primary sources for the research scholar.)

(Links to public, national and university libraries worldwide.)

lib-web-cats: A directory of libraries throughout the world - (Vanderbilt University Library)
(Links to libraries and their online catalogs. Provides basic information on the library collection and the OPAC system.)