Course Enrollment Guidelines for Master's Students, for the Fall Semester of 2018/19



Rules and Regulations

Academic Requirements

The following are the academic requirements for Master's degree students:
  • An overall grade point average of over 65. Stipend recipients must maintain a grade point average of over 85, as a condition for funding continuation.
  • During the first year of study, at least one third of the credit points required for completing the program must be accumulated. Stipend recipients must complete 50% of their study program (21 credit points). The credit points for the study program include those awarded for enrollment in "Thesis Writing."
  • A preliminary research proposal must be submitted within three months of the date of admission.
  • A full research proposal must be submitted within nine months of the date of admission.
  • A progress report must be submitted within 15 months of the date of admission.
  • The final thesis must be submitted after the completion of four semesters of study.


Study Leave

  • Requests for study leave for the fall semester of 2018/2019 must be submitted no later than February 15, 2019.
  • Students must either enroll for the fall semester or, alternatively, complete a request for a study leave; otherwise their studies will be discontinued by the school.
  • Please refer to:  in order to download the study leave application form.


Study Extension

 Students who have completed four semesters of study but have not yet submitted their final thesis must
 submit an application for an extension of their study period, including  reasonable justifications for the
  • Please refer to:  in order to download the study extension application form.
  • The study extension application form should be submitted no later than February 15, 2019.
  • The form should be approved and signed by the student's advisor and by the head of the academic teaching committee.
  • Enrollment for courses will be allowed only after the request is approved by the head of the school.


Mandatory Courses

470-2-0100 The Care and Use of Animals in Research – MANDATORY for Students who work with animals.
900-5-5001 Educational Software on Getting to Know the Law for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment - MANDATORY for all Israeli students (Students should take the course once for a degree).
900-5-2002 Training in Chemical & Biological Safety – MANDATORY for students who work in chemical and biological labs (Students should take the course every year. Registration for the course is in the first and third semesters). The course is in Hebrew and English in the moodle system.



The training programs above should be done during the first 2 weeks of the semester


Course Enrollment Instructions

  • Students are required to complete a minimum of 10.5 credit points per semester.
  • Students may complete more than the minimum requirement of credit points per semester. In this case, fewer credit points than the required minimum will need to be completed in the fourth semester.
  • Courses must be chosen in accordance with the study program and in coordination with the student's advisor.
  • Students who wish to enroll in courses outside of AKIS must apply to the school secretariat.
  • For the updated list of courses offered in each semester, please refer to:

  • Course enrollment is done online. In order to enroll online, students will need their User Name and Password (new non-Israeli students will receive the User Name and Password and register for courses on upon arrival, during the Change Period for registration).

For online course enrollment in HEBREW, click here.

For online course enrollment in ENGLISH, click here.

Course Enrollment Dates

The course registration dates for the FALL semester 2018-2019 academic year are:

Academic YearSemesterRegistrationChange Period


03.02.2019  (at 08:00) till 05.02.2019 (at 23:59)
24.02.2019  (at 08:00) till 10.03.2019 (at 13:00)
  • Enrollment in courses after the Change Period will entail a fine of 250 NIS.
  • If you withdraw from a course after the change period, you will be charged the full tuition for the course, as well as the 250 NIS fine.
  • The course enrollment printout can be downloaded from the “Student Information (Kiosk Meida)."


Enrollment in "Thesis Writing" Course

  • All students must enroll in the "Thesis Writing A" course (001-2-9991) during the third semester of their studies.
  • All students must enroll in the "Thesis Writing B" course (001-2-9992) during the fourth semester of their studies.
  • Students who have completed four semesters of study and have received approval for extending their study period must enroll in the "Thesis Writing – Continuation" course (001-2-1000), during each semester of the approved study extension period, even if they have enrolled in other courses.


Course Enrollment Confirmation

  • After performing the online enrollment procedure, the course enrollment printout must be submitted to the school secretariat, after being signed by the student's advisor and by the head of the teaching committee.
  • The course enrollment printout can be downloaded from the “Student Information (Kiosk Meda)".
  • To enroll in courses that deviate from the academic program, students must receive written approval from their advisor/s and from the head of the academic teaching committee, before enrollment.


Enrollment in Departmental Seminars and Student Seminars

  • Departmental seminars and student seminars are mandatory courses.
  • Please note that you must register for the seminars in your specialization, but you may also participate in other departmental seminars according to your interest with the approval of your supervisor.
  • You should participate in at least 80% of the offered seminars per semester.
  • When you participate in seminars that are out of your specialization, you must get the signature of the seminar organizer. The signature should be submitted to the organizer of the student's departmental seminar at the end of the semester.


Preparatory Course Fulfillment for a Master's Degree

A student who is fulfilling the eligibility prerequisites to earn a Master's degree must enroll in the courses detailed in his/her letter of acceptance. Once the student has completed the prerequisites, he/she should notify the School secretariat so that they may be accepted into the Master's program as an "ordinary student."