Jun. 27, 2013

Marcus Family Campus



The Innovation 2013 un-conference, held by the Bengis Center for Entrepreneurship and Hi-Tech Management at the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management, is the largest and most important event on entrepreneurship and innovation in the Negev. It is based on an events concept brought to Israel by Dr. Yossi Vardi.


During the event, dozens of short lectures and workshops are held on entrepreneurship and innovation, technological displays are on exhibit, the participants take part in panels and discussions and more. Hundreds of participants visit the event each year, including entrepreneurial company executives, entrepreneurship supporters, industrialists, researchers, students and other guests.

Participation and presentation at the event is free of charge.

To view videos of previous years click (Innovation 2010, Innovation 2011, Innovation 2012).

Innovation 2013 will take place on  June 27, 2013 from 12:00 to 18:00 at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. For further information and to register you may go to www.innovation-israel.com, or call 08-6479801 or write via email to bengisc@som.bgu.ac.il.

The following options for participation are available during Innovation 2013:

  • Lecture/Workshop – short lectures/workshops (30 minutes) should deal with entrepreneurship, innovation or other related issues and be suitable for the general public. During a lecture, 5 minutes should be devoted to audience discussion so the audience will feel involved in the lecture. For sample lectures from previous years click here, to register a lecture/workshop click here.

  • Technology Booth – Technological displays are presented in these booths, with preference for physical demonstrations, whose concepts can be grasped in a relatively short time, or alternatively, display screens can be used to present the technology. Booth sizes range from 1.22.4 meters and they will be located near the dedicated technologies complex, side by side with other presenters. Those interested in using display screens must prepare them in advance and bring them along. For sample presentations from previous years click here; to register a presentation click here.

  • Thematic Room – When there is a central theme of endeavor – with an interest in focusing on it through lectures, panels and a variety of activities – the possibility of assigning a room to this theme within the lecture complex will be considered. For this, please designate an individual to be responsible for the room and for managing its operations prior to and during the event. To explore the possibility of creating a thematic room, contact Yossi Shavit by phone 054-6980353 or by email shavityo@bgu.ac.il.

  • Unique activities unique activities for workshops, panels, operation complexes etc., can also be brought up for suggestion. To do so, please contact Yossi Shavit by phone 054-6980353 or by email shavityo@bgu.ac.il