Dormitory housing applicants must pay in advance the payment for the rent by credit card or payment voucher so that we can assign them to a residence, and this is even if they have active standing orders at BGU. All other payments are collected by BGU's Student Accounts Division together with tuition fees on the tuition due dates. Students paying rent for one year in advance by September 12, 2021  of the same academic year will receive a 2.5% discount. For more details - after making the advance rent payment and after receiving notice of assignment to the dormitories - please contact the Student Accounts Division.

Students who received a positive reply for the dorms placement must pay the rent advancement by credit card or payment voucher for placement (1800 NIS for singel, 3600 NIS for couple), even if they have a permanent bank order at the university. All other payments are charged by the Department of Student Accounts and added to the tuition fees at the appropriate time.​

The dorm housing contract for the 2020 academic year ends on September 02, 2021. Students leaving the dormitories from August 1, 2021 to the end of the housing contract will be credited with the rent for the days they did not reside in the dorms from the date of receiving check-out confirmation from the supervisor of the dorm in which they reside.

Service rates during the 2020, 2021  academic year

​Prices ​2020, 2021

Electricity utilities – mandatory payment:                      

According to apartment consumption


Water utilities per person - mandatory payment:        

NIS 45


Guarding per person - mandatory payment:

NIS 366


Social activity per person - mandatory payment:

​NIS 50


Authorization to use Internet from the dormitory room - for applicants only:

NIS 420​


Parking in Dormitories D - for recipients of a parking permit only:

​NIS 720​


Purchase of a wireless router adapted by the computing system for use in dormitory rooms

NIS 80

*  Married couples will pay double.

** A resident requesting permission to use the Internet from his dorm room will be charged even if he does not make the actual connection.


Dormitory Services:

All apartments in the student dormitories are furnished and air-conditioned.  Each apartment has a number of dorm rooms, shared kitchen, shower and toilet. Each resident receives a wardrobe closet, bed, table, chair, bookshelf and kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, burner, dining table and chairs. The residents must bring their own personal gear, eating and cooking utensils, cleaning materials and supplies. The residents are solely responsible for cleaning their apartments.

No animals or pets are allowed in the dorms. Bringing an assistance puppy into the dorm is subject to receiving prior written approval from the Dormitory Division. A permit will be granted only after receiving written consent at the Dormitory Division from the residents of the apartment and adjacent apartments.



Internet Connection in the Dorm Rooms

The Division of Computing and Information Systems at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev provides the residents with wired Internet connection infrastructure from their dormitory rooms by fixed connection to the BGU network. Internet connection may be requested when specifying the dormitory assignment preference. There is an option to join the service also after signing the housing contract by typing in Personal Information Services.

The price of the service in the 2019 academic year is NIS 420 for the the entire year.

Expanding the wired Internet service in the dormitory rooms: The service is only for residents purchasing a wired Internet service in the dormitories and is subject to purchasing a wireless router adapted by BGU's Division of Computing and Information Systems for use in the dormitory rooms. The one-time cost of the router is NIS 80.  Purchase details are according to the guidelines on the Division of Computing and Information Systems website.

IT services for students in dormitories

The Division of Computing and Information Systems at Ben Gurion University of the Negev provides students with a range of IT services from their dormitory rooms. The IT services are subject to the University's policies and rules, as determined from time to time. The university has the right to change at any time the scope and nature of the services provided.



The user undertakes to fulfill the following requirements on his/her personal computer in order  to receive the service: Install an updated antivirus software. Install all critical security patches for Microsoft operating systems.  The user hereby declares that he is aware that failure to meet the following terms could result in temporary disconnection from the service.


Usage advantages:

Permanent connection to BGU's IT network.

Access to databases and electronic journals subject to BGU's main library agreements.

On-campus e-mail and file transfer services.

Operation of computer applications from the dormitories, such as: SSPS, Matlab and Adams.

Saves waiting for available computers in public classrooms.

Internet surfing in accordance with BGU's policy, as to be determined from time to time.


Service disadvantages:

Access to peer-to-peer services, such as Kasa, iMesh, eMule, etc. is blocked.

A student wishing to disconnect from the BGU computer at the end of the first semester and notifies the Dormitory Division to this effect in writing by the end of February will be credited with half the payment during March.

Permission to use the computer from dormitory rooms is for the current academic year only, and permission to renew usage must be requested each year.

Public computer classrooms are available in the dormitories for dormitory residents 24 hours a day, free of charge.


Cable TV in rooms

Those interested can contact Hot CATV to receive the service.

Installation of reception devices outside the apartments is prohibited.



Air-conditioners are installed in all dormitory apartments.


Parking for vehicles in the Dormitory Daled Complex

There are two parking lots in the Dormitory Daled complex with 56 marked parking spaces for the use of authorized residents of Dormitory Daled only.

Receipt of a parking permit (magnetic card for the parking gate): NIS 720 for the entire 2020 academic year.

Details to be transferred to the Dormitory Division for a parking permit: 

Residents who received parking permits in 2018 must reapply after receiving the dormitory assignment notification at the beginning of September!






Vehicle license number:

Model year of vehicle:

Type of vehicle:

Color of vehicle:

Dormitory address:



Requests for parking permits must be sent by e-mail to the Dormitory Division at


If there are more requests than the number of available parking spaces, permits will be granted by lottery.

Residents will be able to apply for parking permits during the academic year if parking spaces are available.

For your attention: Contents insurance applies only to the resident himself. BGU is not responsible for the resident's personal property.



The dormitory complexes have a fenced perimeter monitored by BGU's Security Department.

The Zlotowski Dormitory Gimel site has a fenced and monitored perimeter that is closed all hours of the day. Only residents with magnetic cards can enter the access-controlled gate.

The Dormitory Daled complex has a fenced perimeter, and the gates are open to pedestrians during the day. From the evening until 06.00 a.m. the next morning the gates are closed and only residents with magnetic cards may enter. Entry to Dormitory Daled​ buildings, east wing four floors and three floors west wing may be accessed by swiping a magnetic student card only.


Rent - The rent is updated each year and/or any other period to be determined by BGU. Method of calculation: The monthly rent multiplied by 12 months a year, divided by 365 days a year. The rent is based on a daily charge, so that in a 28-day month the rent will be multiplied by 28 days, and in other months the rent should be multiplied by the number of days in that month.

Gas utilities - The rent includes a reasonable gas consumption.

Electricity utilities - An electricity meter reading is periodically taken in each apartment, and the charge is divided among the residents of that apartment relative to the number of days of their residence. 

Water utilities - Each resident is charged NIS 45 a month.

Method of calculation: NIS 45 a month multiplied by 12 months a year, divided by 365 days a year. This totals about NIS 1.5 per day.

The charge is on a daily basis, so that in a 28-day month the water bill will be 28 days multiplied by NIS 1.5​, and in other months the water utility bill is multiplied by the number of days in that month.

Guard/security fees - The payment is divided into two parts: The fist bill in the academic year will charge about 80% of the guarding fee and the rest will be charged in May.

Municipal property tax - BGU bears the fee.