​​​​​The housing contract for the 2021 academic year that you signed ends on September 02, 2021 for all students residing in the dormitories. 

Students leaving the dormitories from August 1, 2021 to September 01, 2021 will receive a rent and water refund calculated on a daily basis according to the check-out day - from the day the check-out letter is received from the supervisor of the dormitory in which they reside. 

Students who leave after the end of the housing contract and/or do not renew the housing contract by this date will be charged for each day of delay according to NIS 40 per resident in addition to the rent.

The amount will be credited in coordination with the dormitory supervisor until 02:00 p.m.

  • Make sure to get a check-out receipt from the dormitory supervisor when leaving.

  • Before being eligible for credit, please comply with the following instructions:

  1. Clean and wash the room and the apartment.

  2. Any holes made in the walls must be filled - the filling material may be obtained from the dormitory supervisor.

  3. If the walls are dirty, please paint or clean.

  4. Any stickers on the doors must be removed.

  5. Any object or furniture brought into the apartments must be vacated.  


  • After cleaning the room, make sure to clean the public areas of the apartment - even if residents remain in the apartment after you leave.

  • If you are the last to leave the apartment, be sure to close doors, windows and shutters. Disconnect the refrigerator from electricity and make sure to defrost and clean it; turn off the lights and close the gas valve upon leaving.


Collect and remove all garbage and waste and dispose in garbage cans.


If you found defects in the electricity, sewage, plumbing and other systems, please notify the dormitory supervisor.  

Each resident received a page to record his or her comments when signing the housing contract. To ensure compliance with all of the resident's obligations under the dormitory  rental agreement and the aforementioned guidelines, BGU may cancel the deposit or offset the cost of repairing and cleaning the apartment if defects are found.

Link to handling housing applications screen, for printing a certificate of dormitory residence, for printing electricity bill and rent report

Residence agreement in dormitories - in the forms database for the relevant academic year

The binding contract is the one actually signed by the student personally upon receipt of the key to the room.