​​​​​​Students can opt to pay the University via direct debit (if this option is set up), or after receiving payment slips - payment via bank or online using a credit card.

Student Dormitories – Payment Schedule

For those who can pay by
direct debit
Using payment slips which will be sent by post - payment via bank or online using a credit card.
Payment until:Payment PeriodPayment Period
Semester A  
15.12.2020From the beginning of the rental agreement until the end of DecemberFrom the beginning of the rental agreement until the end of December
14.01.2021January - FebruaryJanuary - February
Semester B  
15.03.2021MarchMarch - April
14.05.2021May-JuneJuly – 02.09.2021​ - the end of the rental agreement
14.06.2021July – 02.09.2021​ - the end of the rental agreement 

* In the    Personal Information Services​ on the University website you can find billing information for payment for student dormitories and your student account.

​* Through the website of the Dean of Students you can access reports regarding your payments for the student dormitories. The reports show payment requests but do not show payment credits already made for housing this year. Reports can be accessed via this link   Personal Information Services

Electricity charges: Meter readings are usually taken at the beginning of every month regarding the previous month. Payment will be added and will be divided between the apartment residents using a computerized process.

Water charges: The charge is around NIS 45 per month per person; NIS1.5 per day. The calculation is daily so that in a month with 28 days, the charge will be 1.5 X 28, in a month with 30 days, the charge will be 1.5X 30 and in a month with 31 days, the charge will be 1.5 X 31.

Security for the dormitories: Divided into two parts: NIS300 per person charged with the first rent payment. The balance will be due in May.
Total: NIS 366 annually per person.

Social activities: NIS 50 per person, a one-time payment.

Internet permission from a dorm room: NIS 420 for permission through to 02.09.2021 Only those who requested permission will be charged.

Deposit: The deposit will be returned at the end of the rental agreement period on condition that no damage has been caused to equipment in the apartment and the apartment itself.

Leaving the dormitories: The agreement will end on 02.09.2021.

• Those leaving the dormitories from 01.08.2021 until the end of the agreement will be credited with rent and water payments for the days that they did not live in the dormitories upon receipt of the approval of departure date from the supervisor of the dormitories where they lived.