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אוניברסיטת בן-גוריון בנגב

Prof. Shalvi Shaul

Associate Professor

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Research Interests

Decision making ethics; Negotiation Strategies; Social Conflicts; Behavioural Economics.


Selected work:

Pittarello, A., Leib, M., Gordon-Hecker, T., & Shalvi, S. (in press). See what you want to see: justifications shape ethical blind spots. Psychological Science.

Shalvi, S., Gino, F., Barkan, R., & Ayal, S. (in press). Self-serving justifications: Doing wrong and feeling moral. Current Directions in Psychological Science.

Shalvi, S. & De Dreu, C. K. W. (2014). Oxytocin promotes group serving dishonesty. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 111, 5503-5507.

Shalvi, S. & Leiser, D. (2013). Moral firmness. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 93, 400-407.

Shalvi, S., Eldar, O., & Bereby-Meyer, Y. (2012). Honesty requires time (and lack of justifications). Psychological Science, 23, 1264-1270.

Shalvi, S., Dana, J., Handgraaf, M.J.J & De Dreu, C.K.W. (2011). Justified Ethicality: Observing Desired Counterfactuals Modifies Ethical Perceptions and Behavior. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 115, 181-190.


PhD (2011) University of Amsterdam

M.A. (2006) Hebrew University of Jerusalem

B.A. (2004) Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa

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