BGU is the youngest and most dynamic university in Israel, which is dedicated to scientific excellence and the development of the Negev. It is the only university in Israel with a teaching hospital located right accross the street (Soroka Medical Center) and this unique situation offers a fertile ground for numerous close collaborations between scientists and clinicians. In fact many of the neuroscience labs at BGU are physically located inside Soroka Medical Center and allow researchers direct access to the enormous patient populations that receive different types of medical services at Soroka.

Studnets will find over 50 neuroscience labs that perform behavioral, computational modelling, neuroimaging, electrophysiology, molecular, and cellular research. While some labs focus on basic science, BGU also emphasizes translational research and many clinically oriented studies are performed every year in collaboration with physicians at Soroka Medical Center.

On top of scientific excellence, BGU is also a vibrant social community, which is continuously voted as the number one choice of Israeli undergraduate students. Please visit the student union website for information about the numerous activities that are continuously taking place in and outside the BGU campus.

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