BGU offers two undergraduate programs in neuroscience to excellent students with exceptional grades.

The Biology-Psychology Program is a dual-major, which gives students a strong background in Genetics, Physiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Electrophysiology, Development, and Behavior.

The Cognitive and Brain Sciences Program combines a core neuroscience curriculum with a flexible focus on Neuroscience, Computational Modeling, Computer Science, Psychology, Philosophy, and/or Linguistics.



The study of the brain and behavior is one of the major challenges of humanity in our generation. Behavior is the final product of a complicated chain of biological and environmental processes, which begins with the gene and the protein and ends with the functioning of the complete organism. In this respect, the two areas are interdependent and intertwined. Studying Biology enables psychologists to examine molecular and physiological aspects of various behaviors like: memory, stress and thought. On the other hand, studying Psychology gives biologists additional tools and research methods to research behavioral influences on genes, medicines and natural biological processes (like ageing, hormonal and environmental changes). To learn more and register to the joint program of the Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Department of Life Sciences in the Faculty of Natural Sciences please click here


Cognitive and Brain Sciences

The study of cognition requires the scientist to integrate across multiple disciplines including Psychology, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Linguistics, and Philosophy. Using knowledge and techniques from these different fields scientists try to explain human cognition through theory and experimentation. The B.Sc in cognitive and brain sciences offers the student a strong foundation in these different scientific fields while allowing the student flexibility to find their own unique focus of interest. The Cognitive and brain sciences department is the first department to be included in the recently created Neurscience School at BGU. To learn more and register to the program please click here.


The Brain Science track in the faculty of Natural Sciences

The purpose of this track is to introduce students of Natural Sciences to the field of Neurosciences during their undergraduate degree. Such an exposure prepares them to pursue graduate studies in this field.

Students enroll in this B.Sc. program in any of the following departments in the faculty of natural sciences: Life Sciences, Physics, Computer sciences, or Mathematics. During the course of their undergraduate studies, students have to enroll into 6 courses specific to neurosciences spanning the knowledge between molecular neurosciences to neuronal systems to behavioral neurobiology.


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Physics and Brain Science

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