Amitai Yael Email Icon.jpg Studies neuronal circuits in the mammalian neocortex with a specific focus on the membrane properties of neurons in the neocortex, the characteristics of synapses, the rules of cortical organization, and the interactions between neurons and astrocytes, the brain's supporting cells. 


Avidan Galia  Email Icon.jpg Studies psychological and neural properties of the human visual system with a specific focus on brain mechanisms giving rise to perception of faces, objects, scenes and visually guided behavior.


Dinstein Ilan Email Icon.jpg Studies brain function and structure in developmental disorders including autism and ADHD with a strong emphasis on toddlers who have just been diagnosed. Onging projects include sensory, motor, and resting-state experiments using EEG and fMRI to study brain function as well as anatomical and DTI MRI scans to study brain structure.


Dolev Shlomi Email Icon.jpg Computation models inspired by the brain, analyzing brain activity in terms of information storing and processing. 


Donchin Opher Email Icon.jpg Studies motor control with behavioral, electrophysiology and neuroimaging techniques with a particular interest in understanding the function of the cerebellum.


Friedman Alon Email Icon.jpg Studies the pathophysiology of several brain disorders and the effects of stress on the nervous system. Human and animal studies focus on dysfunction of the blood-brain barrier in epilepsy and neurodegenerative diseases, developing new imaging methods and novel therapies for the prevention and treatment of injury-related epilepsy and neurodegeneration.


Gedalin Michael Email Icon.jpg Develops models of the efficient encoding of the light intensity into signals passed to brain, by the collective behavior of the retinal cell networks.


Golomb David  Email Icon.jpg Studies theoretical and computational neuroscience with a particular focus on the dynamics of neurons, neuronal networks and neuronal systems; the vibrissa somatosensory-motor system of rodents, and synaptic dynamics and their effect on network behavior.


Libersat Frederic Email Icon.jpg Studies the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which parasites control the behavior of their hosts using a cocktail of neurotoxins and neuromodulators. 


Menashe Idan Email Icon.jpg Studies the role of genetic and non-genetic risk factors on the predisposition to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by applying advanced biostatistics and bioinformatics approaches to large genomics and population-based data.


Neuman Yair  Email Icon.jpg My fields of interest are Complex textual-symbolic, social, psychological and cognitive systems, with a specific emphasis on the development of novel research methodologies and computational models.


Shamir Maoz Email Icon.jpg Studies the nature of the neural code in an effort to understand how information about external sensory stimuli or planned motor commands are represented by the activity of large neural populations. This includes research about stochastic dynamics of learning and plasticity using methods from statistical mechanics, nonlinear dynamics, theory of disordered systems, and information theory.


Shmuelof Lior Email Icon.jpgStudies motor learning in humans using behavioral experiments and fMRI with a particular emphasis on learning of complex motor tasks. 


Shriki Oren Email Icon.jpg Studies cortical dynamics, neural coding, plasticity and learning using EEG and electric brain stimulation and are also developing new approaches to building brain-computer interfaces.


Uzefovsky Florina  Email Icon.jpg Studies the biological basis, including genetics and endocrinology, of empathy development in the typical range and atypical range (e.g., autism); and how biological factors interact with environmental influences (social environment, parenting) to shape different trajectories of empathy development.