Nov. 22, 2017

Room 202 in building 37


Dear Colleagues, Students, and Friends:


We would like to invite you to a 

Seminar in Honor of Professor Shafi Goldwasser.

Professor Shafi Goldwasser is being honored at Ben-Gurion University with an Honorary Doctorate Degree. In celebration of this event, we decided to honor Professor Shafi Goldwasser with a seminar the day before the ceremony.


Detailed information can be found online on the Frankel Center website. However, below is the brief schedule:


10:15 - Gathering

10:45 - Opening Remarks and Greeting by Prof. Zvi HaCohen and Prof. Amos Beimel

11:00 - Hypertrees, Prof. Nati Linial

11:40 - Submultiplicative Glivenko-Cantelli and Uniform Convergence of Revenues, Prof. Yishay Mansour

12:20 - Calibration for the Masses, Dr. Guy Rothblum

13:00 - Lunch break

13:50 - On the Construction and Use of Oracles in Sublinear Algorithms, Prof. Dana Ron

14:30 - Ad-Hoc Secure Computation, Prof. Eyal Kushilevitz

15:10 - Coffee Break

15:30 - Can We Access a Database Both Locally and Privately?, Dr. Elette Boyle

16:10 - Playing 2-to-1 Games with Grassmann, Prof. Shmuel Safra

16:50 - Secure Multiparty Computation in Implementing Turing Machine, Random Access Machine, and Stabilizing State Machine, Prof. Shlomi Dolev

17:30 - Closing Remarks, Prof. Shlomi Dolev

17:40 - End of Seminar in Honor of Professor Shafi Goldwasser


Please be sure to spread the word to anyone you think may be interested.   


Looking forward to seeing you on 22 November at 10:15 in the Harry and Carol Saal Auditorium, Alon Building for Hi-Tech (37/202).


The Frankel Center for Computer Science