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Faculty of
Natural Sciences

Office holders in the Faculty


Prof. Michal Shapira, Dean
Prof.  Ilan Hirshberg, Chair Department of Mathematics
Prof. Ohad Ben-Shahar, Chair Department of Computer Science
Prof. Ram Brustein, Chair Department of Physics
Prof. Gonen Ashkenasy, Chair Department of Chemistry
Prof. Ofer Ovadia, Chair Department of Life Sciences
Prof. Yaron Katzir, Chair Department of Geological & Environmental Sciences
Prof. Oleg Krichevsky, Head Undergraduate Teaching Committee
Prof. Raz Zarivach, Head Graduate Teaching Committee 


Ms. Limor Azrai, Head of Faculty Administration
Ms. Ifat Ben-Simon, Assistant to Head of Faculty Administration
Ms. Rutie Peled, Assistant to the Administrative Faculty Head of graduate studies​