Julie Cwikel.jpg 

 Prof. Julie Cwikel, Head of the Center

 Tel: 972-8-6472321Tel: 972-8-6472321

 E-Mail: jcwikel@bgu.ac.il




  Dr. Dorit Segal-Engelchin, Co-Director of the Center

  Tel: 972-8-6472330

  E-Mail: dorsegal@bgu.ac.il



  Ms. Noah Sitton, MSW

  Clinical Director, Isha Be-Shela: Psychotherapy Service

  Tel: 972-8-6428369

  E-Mail: nsitton@bgu.ac.il



  Ms. Limor Niego, MSW

  Director, Mom to Mom Project

  Tel: 972-8-6477563

  E-Mail: niego@bgu.ac.il



  Ms. Kineret Grably, Administrative Coordinator of the Center

  Tel: 972-8-6477562

  E-Mail: womcen@bgu.ac.il