Student's nameDegreeEmail addressSubject of researchDoctoral advisorSecond advisor
Din connectivity patterns
 in semiarid environments:
 Methods and Indices for evaluation
Tal SvorayShmuel Assouline, Volcani Center
Vladislav link between refugia and rare species in dry environmentsTal SvorayAvi Perevolotsky, Volcani Center
Arthur models in Soil Health Using Geostatistical & Machine Learning Algorithm'sTal Svoray
Dori KatzMAdorikatz7@gmail.comAnthropogenic influence on soil depth in the "Shefela" region, new insights using a phisical soil-scape evolution modelTal SvoraySagy Cohen (The university of alabama), Oren Akerman (Ariel University, IL)
Ariel impact of hillslopes properties on hydrologic connectivity and Tal SvorayShmuel Assouline, Volcani Center
ariel nahlieliPhDarielnah@gmail.comGeomorphology factors of underground soil piping erosion in semi-arid landTal SvorayEli Argaman, Ministry of Agriculture
Isaac Dima agricultural and spatial planning in IsraelYodan Rofé
Alexandru of Transit Oriented Devlopment Principles: Beer-Sheva Train Stations as Case StudiesYodan Rofé
Amitai Refael building blocks of streets: towards a rule based and code based planningYodan Rofé
Meged Morphology Mapping of Sand Seas in Central Asia: Kara– Kum and Kyzyl - KumDan BlumbergShimrit Maman (BGU, Homeland Security institute)
Aviv Lee Wind Streaks on Earth; Exploration and InterpretationDan Blumberg
Havivi Shiran Integrating data from different sensors for damage assesment after a disasterDan BlumbergStanley Rotman (BGU, Department of Electrical Engineering)
dayan anomaly and target detection in multi-dimensional imagesStanley RotmanDan Blumberg
Ofer  Dust Sources in the Northern African Deserts: Identification and Evaluation of Dust Emission Dynamics Using Remote Sensing.Dan BlumbergOnn Crouvi (The Geological Survey of Israel)
Maor KohnPhdmaorkohn@gmail.comThe Construction of Sustainable Place within an Impounding Space among a Transient Indigenous Bedouin ethnic Group: The case of Wadi al-Naam and Al furaAvinoam MeirMeidad Kissinger
Tomer DekelPhDtomerdkl@gmail.comcivil society and the production of space in the eastern NegevAvinoam MeirNurit Alfasi
Yuval KnaanPhDyuvalknaan@gmail.comRelations between military and civil geographic entities and the production of space in IsraelAvinoam MeirOren Yiftachel 
Saeed MiariPhDsms.miari@gmail.comThe effect of urbanization and modernization  on the use of  Avinoam MeirNurit Alfasi
Lior SolomovichPhDsolomovi@gmail.comThe dynamics of a multicultural online community of practiseAvinoam MeirGilad Ravid (BGU, Industrial Engineering and Management department)
Ori GershonMAgershori@gmail.comCOMMUNITY GARDENS AMONG IMMIGRAT COMMUNITIESAvinoam MeirNurit Alfasi
Heli ZacharyaMAhelizacharya@gmail.comExternal communities and the urban space in which they  settleAvinoam MeirNurit Alfasi
Bilha relationships: Dead Sea Works and Dead Sea SettlementsAvinoam MeirOrna Braun-Lewensohn (Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management)
Hila impact of communities on urban space - a view from outside the communityNurit AlfasiAvinoam Meir
The Challenges of Establishing Tourism Routes:
Case Study of Route 90 South, Israel
Shaul KrakoverNurit Alfasi
Ionatan IrijimovichMASocio-economic gaps in the Negev and between the Negev and the center: Did the relocation of the IDF bases and the plans for metropolitan Beersheba create an impact?Nurit Alfasi
Ori GershonMACommunity Gardens among immigrant communitiesAvinoam MeirNurit Alfasi
Asaf AizikMAExamination of infrastructure planning procedures in the National Infrastructure CommissionNurit AlfasiRachel Katoshevsky
Keren AhronMACity branding and place making in  the Negev communitiesNurit Alfasi
Yael Sznajder MAThe impact of urban structure on the sense of community: the case of BeershebaNurit Alfasi
Kobi OhayonMAUrban regeneration in a neoliberal world: property-led versus public-space-led developmentNurit Alfasi
Hila ShlomiMAThe impact of communities on the urban environment: a view from outside the communityNurit AlfasiAvinoam Meir
Zohar FinghurtMAPlacemaking: the relationships between the involved partiesNurit Alfasi
Harel Yehuda ZoharMALand management in Israel: between politics and social justiceNurit Alfasi
Esther AkivaMAUrban regeneration in the peripheryNurit Alfasi
Heli ZecharyaMASense of place among non-local communitiesAvinoam MeirNurit Alfasi
Maisa Totry-FakhouryPhDDefining Spatial Codes in Arab Town in IsraelNurit AlfasiOren Yiftachel 
Tomer DekelPhDCivil Society Organizations and the Production of SpaceAvinoam MeirNurit Alfasi
Said MiariPhDThe effect of urbanization and modernization on the use of commons in Arab society in IsraelAvinoam MeirNurit Alfasi
Ido AhronPhDPublic benefits and vulnerabilities associated with the adoption of communal technologiesNurit Alfasi
Ron Applications of modern statistical learningJonathan RosenblattItai Kloog, Yisrael Parmet (BGU, Industrial Engineering and Management department)
Noam spatio temporally resovled Accessibility modelsItai Kloog, Tal Svoray
Alexandra daily concentrations of PM2.5 and PM10 pollutants using satellite-derived AOD products and improved modeling approachesItai KloogArnon Karnieli (Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research)
Yair estimation model development using hybrid satellite and high resolution Land Use Regression Itai KloogEvyatar Erell

Ian Hough Estimating daily concentrations of PM2.5 temperatureu using satellite hybrid dunamic modelling approaches across FranceDr. Johanna Lepeule
LARA IFAT Open Street Map Data in Environmental Exposure Assessment Studies: Eastern Massachusetts, Bern Region and South Israel as a Case StudyItai Kloog
Smadar soil quality with linkage to water and wind erosion in agricultural areasItzhak KatraMeni Ben Hur (Volcani Center)
Nitzan Mechanisms of dust emission from soils and sandsItzhak Katra
Daphna impacts of semi-arid forests on mineral dust transporItzhak Katra
Nadav Dust control in anthropogenic loess soilsItzhak Katra
Gev emission coefficients by wind tunnel simulationsItzhak Katra
Noa Identifying water sources and pollutants in the Lower Jordan River using geochemical toolsJonathan LaronneRalf Merz, Christian Siebert (UFZ)
Eran Bedload flux and suspended sediment grouping in unsteady flows in an ephemeral riverJonathan LaronneDavid Katoshevsky (Environmental Engineering)
Hanna Runoff modelling in the arid Judean DesertJonathan Laronneat the Martin Luther University; Ralf Merz, Tino Rödiger (UFZ)
Amir Evolution of agro-ecosystems in differently managed research plots in an arid loess areaJonathan Laronnein General Studies, Stefan Lau
Yaakov Sediment yield from the agricultural Harod BasinJonathan LaronneRoey Egozi (Mnisitry of Agriculture) & Liran Goren (Geology)
Kyle Automatic bedload monitoring in an ephemeral wash, Arroyo de los Piños, New MexicoJonathan Laronneat NMT, Dan Cadol
Tal 1-D formation of bars and flats in a narrow gravel bed channel – the YatirJonathan LaronneYossi Hatzor (Geology)
Misgav Infiltration & transport of oil components above and below the surface in the braided channels of the Evrona Nature ReserveJonathan LaronneOfer Dahan (Hydrol. Desert Research Inst.) and Roi Bernstein (Enviro. Engineering)
Nadav Direct monitoring and SfM techniques to determine sediment yield from the agricultural Harod BasinJonathan LaronneDan Blumberg , Roey Egozi (Ministry of Agriculture)
Gefen and erosion from natural and reclaimed hillslope plots after open pit phosphate mining near Nahal Gov, Zin ValleyJonathan LaronneDan Blumberg, Eli Argaman (Ministry of Agriculture)
Nadav The influence of flow events on the incision of steep and coarse-grained channels responding to base-level lowering: Nahal David & QedemJonathan LaronneYael Storz Peretz (Dead Sea Arava Sci. Center) & Liran Goren (Geology)
Lihi Spatio-temporal effects of capillary rise, evaporation and kinetics of salt dissolution on water quality of Wadis Hovav and SecherJonathan LaronneEilon Adar (Hydrol. Desert Res. Center) & Asher Brenner (Env. Eng)
Dagan The evolution of Nahal Ze'elim from a geological perspectiveJonathan LaronneYoav Avni (Geological Survey of Israel)
Aya Runoff and soil loss on natural and artificial hillslopes at the Oron Phosphate Mine for optimal reclamationJonathan LaronneEli Argaman (), Liran Goren (Geology)
Omer The organic load of the Lower Jordan River based on the Extracellular Enzyme Activity technique (EEA)Jonathan LaronneBernhard Karrasch (UFZ)
Dr. Mike Impacts of global change on hydrology in the Jordan River headwatersJonathan Laronne
Dr. Rachel The effect of changes in hydrology and anthropogenic activity on the vitality of Acacias in the southern Negev & AravaJonathan Laronneat Dead Sea-Arava Science Center