Evolution of agro-ecosystems in differently managed research plots at arid loess area
Pua Bar
Sediment transport
measurements with
geophone sensors.
Dieter Rickenmann (WSL)
Jens Turowski (WSL and GFZ Potsdam)
Volker Weitbrecht (VAW-ETH)
Robert Boes (VAW-ETH)
Jonathan Laronne
Development of a cost
efficient model for nature
conservation in Israel
Pua Bar Kutiel
Nir Becker
The Geophysical,
geoarchaeology and
spatial attributes of the
ancient open cisterns in
the Negev highlands,
primarily along the
Makhtesh Ramon –
Mishor Haruchot axis.
Hendrik Bruins
Tal Svoray
Dynamics of PM due to
dust storms and
association with human
health in arid environment
Itzhak Katra
Michael Friger
(Faculty of Health Sciences)
Sediment movement in
landscapes with mining
activity, geomorphic
based mining
reclamation and related
erosive behaviour
Jose Francisco
Martin Duque
(Complutense Univ. Madrid),
Jonathan Laronne
Quantifying sediment
transport in flash floods
Joel Johnson
(Univ. Tex. Aurstin)
Jonathan  Laronne
​Kleber Cavalho Lima Geocronolgy and geomorphological evolution of river terraces in the lower course of the river Itapicuru Archimedes Perez Filho, Jonathan Laronne,Yoav Avni
Promoting Multicultural 
erceptions of Teachers in
the Periphery through
Design of a Virtual
Multicultural  community
of practice
Avinoam Meir
Gilad Ravid
Noa Avni
Air pollution and
Cardiovascular diseases-
spatial and temporal
Vitor novack
 Itai kloog
The formation of an
impounded space within
an ethnic minority and its
transformation into a
sustainable place—the
case of the Bedouin
unrecognized viilage of
Wadi el Na'am
Avinoam Meir
Meidad Kissinger
The impact of Herbivore
herds movement on the
plant landscape in Semi
Arid Environment.
Tal Svora
Eugene Ungar
mortality in Pinus
halepensis planted
forests: A study on
several spatial scales
Tal Svoray
Avi Perevolotsky
The spatio-temporal
variation of water inputs
to the polluted Lower
Jordan River
Jonathan Laronne
Ralf Merz
The effects of climate
change and land cover
change on rainfall-runoff
Arnon Karnieli
Tal Svoray
Amir Givati
Interactions between
Place and NGO: The
Case of Yerucham and
the Jewish Agency
Nurit Alfasi
Avinoam Meir 
Integrating GIS and
numerical solution of flow
equations to evaluate the
impact of soil sealing on
spatial and temporal soil
moisture dynamics in a
semi arid hillslope 
Tal Svoray
Shmuel Assouline
(Volcani center, ARO)
Long Term Coastal
Dune Management and
Restoration Techniques
on Conservation of
Biodiversity in
Mediterranean Dune
Pua Bar,
Amos Bouskila
Elli Groner
​Tomar Dekel Civil society organizations and production of space: The case of the Negev non-metropolitan region

Avinoam Meir

Nurit Alfas

The relationships
between military and
civilian geographical
entities and construction
of space in Israel
Avinoam Meir
Nurit Alfasi
Betweem the local and
the global: An Analysis of
Urban Sustainability
Meidad Kissinger
Avinoam Meir