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GeoFluv Geomorphology and
Fluvial Research Group


The GeoFluv research group incorporates various research activities in the fields of fluvial geomorphology, fluvial processes, hydrology inclusive of water quality and their integration. Among others we also compare rivers and river processes in different climates and hydrological regimes, with emphasis on ephemeral, hyper-arid to semi-arid, ris.
Many of our studies are carried out in the ephemeral rivers of the Negev, Dead Sea and Arava and their drainage areas but are not confined to them. Other study sites include perennial flows in Israel and rivers in humid climates abroad.
Various approaches are applied in our studies, including novel sensor-based monitoring and measuring techniques, field measurements, TLS scanning technology, long-term monitoring, as well as the use of GIS and photogrammetry.  The group is mainly research-oriented, though includes some monitoring approaches both for long-term research and for environmental community services.

Our main goal is to better understand the fluvial environment in its different contexts and contribute to ongrowing knowledge. We believe that collaboration with close or complementary interest groups and disciplines along with data and idea sharing advances our investigations, contributing to the entire fluvial research community.