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Cyber Security

"Beer-Sheva will not only be the cyber capital of Israel but one of the most important places in the cyber security field in the world."  - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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BGU cyber research projects book.pdfBGU cyber research projects book 

Ben-Gurion University has been collaborating with German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom in the field of network security since 2004. The close and fruitful cooperation between the two institutes led to the signing of an agreement for the founding of Telekom Innovation Laboratories at Ben-Gurion University in 2006. Over the last ten years, leading researchers have collaborated with Deutsche Telekom experts to translate their visions for the future design of information technology and telecommunications into reality. In this way,Telekom Innovation Laboratories innovates on behalf of Deutsche Telekom AG - solving problems and creating business solutions. Telekom Innovation Laboratories serves as a crystallization point, where cutting-edge knowledge is boldly transformed into revolutionary technologies of the future.


Building on that solid competence and expertise, an ecosystem, coined CyberSpark, has grown up around the University. The Prime Minister’s Office, through the National Cyber Bureau, launched CyberSpark, the Israeli Cyber Innovation Arena, bringing together BGU's research capacity and proven ingenuity, the support of the National Cyber Bureau and the local municipality. 

As part of this extraordinary effort, thousands of soldiers from the IDF’s elite telecommunications and intelligence units and key national cyber research units will be relocated to Beer-Sheva over the coming years.

Taking advantage of the University’s vast educational resources and a superb research environment, researchers are working with other industrial giants and venture capital funds like EMC-RSA, IBM, JVP Cyber Labs and Lockheed Martin to develop the burgeoning ecosystem.

Last month the National Cyber Bureau signed an $8.5 million agreement with BGU to create a national center for the protection of cyberspace to significantly advance academic cyber security research in Israel.

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