OdedL_jpg.jpgAs the youngest business school in Israel (est. 1995), the mission of the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business & Management (GGFBM) is to serve as a foundation and inspiration for the Israeli business leadership of the 21st century, as well as to develop advanced management reasoning and instill management skills and knowledge. GGFBM's diverse departments and programs offer a wide range of BA, MA and PhD degrees. The curriculums are structured and planned to provide the best possible management training and to equip our students to cope with the business challenges they will be facing throughout the frequently changing local and global business and management world and its varying sectors. The thousands of GGFBM graduates who have joined the different avenues of management in Israel and abroad are a source of great pride for us.


One of the most noteworthy aspects of the GGFBM is the great diversity of theoretical and methodological perspectives embraced by its faculty members, and their varied areas of interest and expertise. This diversity includes, on the one hand, world-renowned academics and, on the other, experts with extensive practical experience. The areas of faculty research range from such core topics as management, finance, marketing, strategy and organizational behavior, to expertise in entrepreneurship, international management, pensions and financial literacy, and decision-making. The Faculty's varied interdisciplinary backgrounds, theoretical perspectives and research methodologies encourage students to develop an integrated approach that includes the individual, the organization, the culture and the world. Each year, many internationally acclaimed scholars offer specialized courses and seminars. In addition, the GGFBM emphasizes international exposure in all aspects of its activities, by hosting conferences in a variety of research areas as well as student exchange programs, expanding the horizons of knowledge of all those involved. Characterized by an unusually warm atmosphere, the Faculty provides a unique learning experience for our undergraduate and graduate students alike.


The GGFBM offers a range of academic programs that include "must have" areas of business and management, as well as several unique areas of specialization. Our Department of Management offers both single-major and joint major programs with every department in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, especially with economics, politics and government, psychology, sociology and anthropology, as well as a prestigious degree in Information Technology Management. The Department of Business Administration offers our MBA students specializations in the classical areas of Finance, Marketing, Strategy and International Management, and Organizational Behavior, as well as a unique program in Entrepreneurship and High-Tech Management.


In addition, an Executive MBA program is offered to experienced managers. The Department of Hotel and Tourism Management offers unique undergraduate and graduate programs that focus on management in service industries, specifically hospitality and tourism. The Department of Health Systems Management offers a unique program for leaders of health organizations who wish to acquire managerial skills combined with strong analytical tools and a multidisciplinary approach. The Department of Public Policy and Administration addresses the unique managerial challenges of the public sector, where thoughtful policy can make a significant contribution to the nation's aspirations through the growth of the business sector, a just and efficient balance between economic and social accomplishments, and a diminution of regional inequality.


The new and unique Mandel Social Leadership MBA Program (SLMBA) offers a curriculum that integrates the acquisition of managerial skills with a deep knowledge and understanding of nonprofit management, alongside social issues and the role of civil society in a modern democratic state. Beyond the core programs in a variety of subjects, the students are offered advance courses that expose them to a broad system of concepts, encouraging critical reasoning in addressing social sensitivity and issues of ethics. In addition to those programs, the GGFBM maintains a number of academic frameworks and agreements for student exchanges and for collaborations with universities and organizations in Europe and the US, exposing students to the worldwide management community. Our brightest students are encouraged to pursue a research track leading to a doctoral degree. Joint supervision by faculty members from different departments enriches the experience for both students and staff.

A welcome addition to our diverse Master Degree programs is the singular one-year International MBA Program (IMBA) ​conducted in English. The internship and mentoring make this Program different from other programs. Also the fields of internships: Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise & Sustainability are aligned with our, the GGFBM's vision and ingenuity. 

The vision of the GGFBM comprises commitment to social and environmental responsibility, responding to the specific challenges of the Negev region and local development. This vision attracts researchers and students with original, resourceful entrepreneurial reasoning along with a social conscience and civic involvement. As part of this vision, and with the University being situated in the Negev, the establishment of The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Institute for Social Leadership in the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev well befits this common identity. The Mandel Institute focuses on teaching and research that will contribute to the advancement of the third sector, and is an integral part of the fabric of the GGFBM. The Mandel Social Leadership MBA Program is the flagship program of the Institute.


The GGFBM is continually developing and implementing new educational programs, as it widens its circle of collaboration with colleagues in academic institutions and business organizations in Israel and around the world.


Best regards,

Prof. Oded Lowengart
Ernest Scheller, Jr. Chair in Innovative Management​