​​​​In order to consider your el​​igibility for the IMBA at BGU, please complete the Application Form and submit it along with the supporting documentation.  Email your application to: IMBA@som.bgu.ac.il.

​​For ALL Applicants:


  1. ​​​Undergraduate Diploma

  2. Academic Transcipts*

  3. Curriculum Vitae

  4. GMAT or GRE Score*

  5. Class Ranking* (if available)

  6. TOEFL Score* (if relevant) 

​​*For the purposes of this phase of the application process, scanned copies are sufficient unless requested otherwise upon submission. 

For International Applicants ONLY:

  1. Passport - A copy of the first page 

  2. Birth Certificate - A copy of your birth certificate if it is in English. If the certificate is not in English, please provide an English translation. (An official or notarized translation is not necessary.)