Research Interests:
Motor control and Learning of walking, Technologies to enhance the rehabilitation of walking, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, energy expenditure.

Office: +972-8-6477271
Email: adi-star@013net.net
Ronit Aviram – Lecturer
Research Interests:
pediatric and youth rehabilitation, physical activity and training people with motor disabilities.
Yoav Raanan – Lab technician


Katherin Joubran  M.Sc. Student
Research Interests: Motor learning, Loco-motor learning and Neural Disorders Rehabilitation.
My current research interests are derived from my desire to understand fundamental aspects of motor learning and especially locomotor control in healthy subjects, adolescents with Cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions and disorders. Furthermore, I am interested in high technology techniques for gait and balance rehabilitation in different populations.
Phone: +972-547-478-8890.
Email: ​catrinju@gmail.com

Ilana Brener MSc student  

​Yogev Koren MSc student


Tzofit Zmora MSC student
Anat Shkedi Rabani
Firas Mawase
Tamar Haizler