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The Medical School
for International Health

Cross-Cultural Communications in the Third Year

08 Feb' 2017
 During the third year, MSIH students participate in the, "Cross-Cultural Communication," workshop. A highlight of the global health curriculum, students are given the opportunity to explore the art of medicine and expand beyond the science. The course offers clinical communications skills to prepare students to interact with patients and conduct interviews and physical examinations in a multi-cultural setting. Being able to communicate with patients from various cultural and social backgrounds has been shown to improve overall health outcomes.
During the workshop, students conduct interviews with simulated patients (actors) where they practice their interview skills and receive feedback from the patient and their peers. By being placed in actual situations, students explore their own cultural biases and learn skills to overcome them. Through self-exploration, MSIH students are able to recognize characteristics that have a direct impact on health outcomes.


In the photo below, an MSIH third year student is playing the role of a doctor who is interviewing an HIV positive patient. The patient does not want to disclose his status to his wife who has accompanied him. How would you handle this one​?

cross cultural workshop liora coren and farahvar salar.jpg